Samtec’s family of SMPM products were designed to support the demands of emerging markets and advancing technologies extending into mmWave frequencies, such as 5G networking, telecom, automotive, radar, phased array antennas, aerospace and defense. Supporting frequencies to 65 GHz with extremely low latency, SMPM solutions have a small interface with push-on coupling, making them well-suited for applications with limited space, high mating cycles or blind-mate connections.

Samtec offers ganged, multi-port solutions for both cable-to-board and board-to-board applications. The ganged cable assembly (GC47 series) uses an optimized latching system, a 3.56 mm (0.140 in.) pitch construction and a 0.047 in. highly flexible, low-loss cable. The board-to-board system comprises a multi-port SMPM block (GPPB series) with varying retention forces and bullet adaptors (PRFIA series). Three board height options are available: 5.33 mm (0.210 in.), 8.31 mm (0.327 in.) and 12.70 mm (0.500 in.).

Standard SMPM connectors (SMPM series) and cable assemblies using 0.047 in. and 0.086 in. cable (RF047-A, RF086 and RF23C series) are also available, achieving a maximum VSWR of 1.40. Board connectors offer through-hole, edge-mount or surface-mount termination and vertical or right-angle orientation. Individual cable connectors provide the flexibility to directly solder to a standard cable for a specific application (PRFM0 series).

Many complexities between an air dielectric coaxial connector and a PCB must be understood for the best performance to be achieved in an RF system. To help achieve high performance designs, Samtec offers technical support for launch design optimization, simulation and physical test and measurement verification. Custom product solutions are also available.

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