Analyzer Data sheet

This four-page data sheet provides complete detail on the Personal Spectrum Analyzer™, model 401A. Product photographs, descriptions, performance graphs, specifications and ordering information are also provided.

Bantam Instruments,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 736-3030. Circle No. 200

Components Catalog

The 192-page catalog features hard-to-find programmable devices, memory, microprocessors, breadboards, test equipment, TTL and linear ICs, power equipment, fans, capacitors and LEDs. Products are ideal for OEM, maintenance, repair and operating applications.

Belmont, CA (650) 592-8097. Circle No. 201

Antenna Catalog

This 274-page catalog features antenna products for wireless telecommunication applications in the frequency range of 800 to 2700 MHz. Other new antenna technology includes tower-mounted preamplifiers, electrically adjustable downtilt systems and remote control options, designed to enhance coverage and provide dynamic network configuration. Also new are product offerings for the 2.1 to 2.7 GHz bands for ISM, WLAN and broadband multimedia applications. Technical notes, antenna engineering information, and mounting and installation accessories are also included.

Kathrein Inc.,
Scala Division, Medford, OR (541) 779-6500. Circle No. 202

Product Brochure

This brochure gives a general overview of the company's test facilities and details its process for manufacturing products. Products highlighted in this brochure are the EMI filters for implantable medical devices, general purpose filters and related products for medical OEMs.

Maxwell Technologies,
Sierra Division,
Carson City, NV (775) 887-5700. Circle No. 203

Company Brochure

This brochure gives a company overview including its experience and background. The brochure highlights its family of semi-rigid cables and assemblies including the UTiFLEX® flexible microwave coaxial cable, Ultralight UTiFLEX semi-rigid microwave cables, custom delay lines and transmission line components.

Pottstown, PA (610) 495-0110. Circle No. 204

Probe Data Sheet

This two-page data sheet describes the model 44 RF probe. The model 44 probe is a low cost alternative probe designed for RF applications on hybrids and integrated circuits. The probe features a ground-signal design with dual contact tips to maintain transmission line characteristics from the tester to the device.

The Micromanipulator Co. Inc.,
Carson City, NV (800) 967-4358. Circle No. 205

Product Brochure

This two-page brochure highlights the product lines of the SX, MDS and GX series. Each product gives a brief overview and photo. A graph is also supplied and shows where each product falls in the MHz and GHz categories.

PolyPhaser Corp.,
Minden, NV (775) 782-2511. Circle No. 206

Product Data Sheet

This data sheet details the model TP04300A ThermoStream® system specifications for testing components, hybrids, modules, subassemblies and printed circuit boards at precise temperatures. Temperature range, user features, environmental and service features, and facilities preparation are included.

an inTEST Co.,
Sharon, MA (718) 688-2300. Circle No. 207


This CD-ROM includes six brochures and catalogs. The CD-ROM features an easy-to-use menu for navigation within each catalog. Also included are helpful how-to installation videos to assist users of the Times LMR® low loss cable pro and two handy calculators to determine coaxial cable attenuation and conversion of SWR-to-return loss.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8424. Circle No. 208

Company Brochure

This brochure gives a company overview and describes how its commercial products, space applications and defense products and utilized. The commercial products are used in point-to-point radio, wireless and fiber communications, collision avoidance systems, base stations, distance measuring equipment and airborne weather radar. Also included are the product capabilities of integrated microwave products, microwave components, and frequency and timing systems.

TRAK Microwave Corp.,
Tampa, FL (813) 901-7200. Circle No. 209

Product Data Sheet

This data sheet features the Opera-2d product, which is a package for the design of electrical equipment combining electromagnetic analysis modules with mechanical stress and thermal analysis. Description, typical applications, features, analysis, hardware requirements and customer support information is also included.

Vector Fields Inc.,
Oxford, England (01865) 370151. Circle No. 210

CD Catalog

This expanded CD catalog features dozen of standard filter products for AMPS, DCS, ISM, MMDS, UMTS, PCS, SMR, 3G, tower top bi-directional amplifiers, delay lines, and dual-band duplexers and multiplexers. Full data, including mechanical information, is also included.

Wireless Technologies Corp.,
Springdale, AR (479) 750-9848. Circle No. 211