Mercury Systems Inc. announced the JTS0100 Jammer Training System, ideal for training radar and communications operators in harsh environments. Sized to meet commercial shipping limitations for enhanced portability and the ability to set up in less than an hour, the JTS0100 simulates the latest electronic warfare (EW) threats to train operators to identify and quickly respond to them.

“Radar and communications operators must be able to rapidly recognize and react to the latest electronic attack methods in order to keep pace with growing near-peer threats,” said Mark Bruington, vice president and general manager, Mercury Spectrum Systems. “Our purpose-built JTS0100 system incorporates advanced digital RF memory technology and a library of U.S. government-validated, reconfigurable jamming and deception threats for accurate and scalable training. By leveraging advanced training systems that accurately mimic the adversary’s jamming and deception capabilities, operators can better prepare for success in contested environments.”

The rugged, flexible JTS0100 system includes a human-machine interface subsystem for greater operator control and adaptability, an advanced spectrum processing unit for signal tracking and modification, plus antennas for signal reception and amplification. Based on Mercury’s field-proven airborne electronic attack/EW training subsystem with hundreds of units previously deployed, the JTS0100 system offers customers a complete, out-of-the box real-world testing and training solution.