Sonnet Software announced that founder Dr. James C. Rautio has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (FRSE). This honor acknowledges his four decades of contributions to the field of electromagnetics as well as his extensive efforts promoting and preserving the history of James Clerk Maxwell. This includes preservation of Maxwell’s home, Glenlair, which was near collapse, as well as giving over 150 presentations and publishing numerous papers on the life of Maxwell. Dr. Rautio’s contributions to electromagnetics are summarized in over 100 peer-reviewed papers as well as his recent book, Method of Moments Analysis of Structures Embedded in Shielded Layered Media.

Dr. Rautio commented, “My professional life’s work is in the field of electromagnetics, an area of physics that was first enabled by Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory in the late 1800s. I came to realize that Maxwell’s theory, which consists of a small set of mathematical equations, provides a window into the incredible universe of interacting electric and magnetic fields. This window has allowed me, together with the many other researchers working in this field, to enable much of today’s technology. The technological miracle of cell phones is just one example. Because of my decades of working with Maxwell’s theory, my work in preserving Maxwell’s history has been an inspired labor of love. It is a huge personal honor to now share with Maxwell membership in this exclusive community.”