Haigh Farr, a supplier of antenna assemblies, will work with Imarsat and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) to develop an L-Band antenna for an orbiting satellite telemetry network, according to the company.

Inmarsat was awarded a National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP) contract from the U.K. Space Agency to develop an in-orbit telemetry relay system called “InRange." Inmarsat says using its global, geostationary, L-Band satellite network will be more cost-effective and flexible than traditional, ground-based monitoring systems.

Haigh-Farr will provide the L-Band antennas, which will connect to a Safran Data Systems transmitter. MHI’s role is to help ensure InRange meets the environmental conditions experienced by launch vehicles.

Haigh-Farr, based in Bedford, New Hampshire, has designed and produced rugged and high performance antennas for more than 50 years. Its products have flown on launch vehicles, spacecraft, missiles, aircraft, UAVs and satellites.

Haigh-Farr is currently developing electronically scanned arrays using modular, single or dual polarization antenna elements which can be used as building blocks to construct arbitrary size, planar, multi-beam arrays. The architecture uses digital beamforming capable of simultaneous acquisition and tracking of multiple data streams from multiple RF emitters.