Anokiwave, Inc. announced the introduction of the first in a family of a complete mmWave to IF Phased Array Antenna Innovator Kits to assist 5G equipment manufacturers to easily evaluate array level performance of Anokiwave’s ICs, develop new mmWave 5G NR radio front ends and to utilize this platform to accelerate their radio developments. The new AWA-0213-PAK is 28 GHz band (n257/n261) Active Antenna built upon Anokiwave’s third generation silicon ICs and features the performance of their patented Zero-Cal® at an array level. The Innovator Kit includes a complete mmWave to IF active antenna, PCB, connectors for IF and LO connections all enclosed in a passively cooled enclosure with power and digital interfaces. 

Design of mmWave phased array active antennas continues to be a major technical challenge for most OEMs, system integrators and radio manufacturers; most struggle to develop good working arrays especially in a fast-evolving 5G market. Anokiwave envisions these new antenna innovator kits along with its high performance silicon ICs will allow radio manufacturers to develop high performance mmWave 5G radios, at a commercial scale and at a much faster pace.

These kits offer manufacturers with:

    A real working evidence of the near ideal performance they can achieve using Anokiwave’s ICs

    A starting platform to scale the design to meet each specific use case. Eventually each radio manufacturer will design, customize and develop their antennas, based on these Innovator Kits, to meet their specific radio requirements.

“Anokiwave designed, developed and tested these Active Antennas 100 percent in-house, in a third of the time of a typical commercial active antenna development, and achieved near ideal performance in the first pass design. This speaks to the decades of mmW active antenna expertise the company has developed,” stated Abhishek Kapoor, vice president of sales. “Anokiwave itself is a fabless semiconductor IC company, with the goal to provide enabling ICs for mmWave active antennas; our customers are the ones that design and deliver 5G radios. We hope these kits will provide them with another tool and a starting platform to accelerate their radio developments while offering complete flexibility on every aspect of their radio design.”