Sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT is committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunities within the company as part of its sustainability strategy. In particular, the proportion of female leaders is to be significantly increased in the coming years. The company is setting concrete goals with its "Elevate" initiative. The aim is to increase the proportion of women in the leadership team from 14.5 percent in 2020 to 25 percent in 2024. In addition, at least 35 percent of the company's Executive Committee is to be represented by women in 2024. 

"We will implement concrete strategies and direct actions to create a favourable environment to promote and develop women within HENSOLDT. In this way, we want to achieve a balanced distribution of female and male leaders. This is the only way to ensure sustainable growth and the long-term competitiveness of HENSOLDT," said Celia Pelaz, head of the Spectrum Dominance and Airborne Solutions Division and one of the Executive Committee sponsors for the Elevate initiative.   

Companies with a culture of diversity and equal opportunities are up to eight times more successful, six times more innovative and agile, 3x more efficient and twice as likely to meet or exceed their financial targets than companies without such a culture. This is what international studies have shown. Reason enough for HENSOLDT not to rest on the achievements already made and being lived.

With numerous initiatives, talents at HENSOLDT are promoted worldwide—regardless of their age, ethnic and social origin, nationality, religion, world view or gender identity and orientation. Specific measures take into account distinct target groups. Two examples: For several years now, HENSOLDT South Africa has been supporting formerly disadvantaged people and local engineers in their education and training with the "Black Economic Empowerment" program. And as a member of the industry-wide "Women in Defence" initiative, HENSOLDT supports female engineering students who can later be employed.

Now, as the latest initiative, "HENSOLDT Elevate" is intended to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions. HENSOLDT CEO Thomas Müller emphasized, "We want more diversity in thinking and acting at HENSOLDT—this promotes creativity, the spirit of innovation and satisfaction in the company. We only have 15 percent women in the leadership team at the moment—we will change that!