Atlanta Micro's AM35 provides 6 filters in a tiny 1.5mm x 3mm DFN package for filtering power and control lines necessary for spurious signal suppression for amplifiers, step attenuators, tunable filters, and switches.  AM35 provides 50 dB of rejection up to 40 GHz and a low RC time constant for fast switching speeds. The device offers simplicity and space savings compared to a traditional discrete design approach and provides one power line filter and five control line filters spaced at 0.5mm pitch to mate perfectly with standard QFN devices. 

The discrete approach uses 29 passive components versus 2 with the AM35.  In comparison to the traditional discrete approach, using the AM35 offers advantages in reduced size, complexity, and improved reliability.  Additionally, the AM35’s ability to reject signals up to 40 GHz is unlikely to be achieved with the discrete approach due to coupling and parasitics.