We are excited to host the European Microwave Week from the Netherlands, the country where it all started in 1998, when three conferences merged into the ‘Microwave Week.’ This turned out to be a strategic and very successful move: 22 years later this week has grown into the RF/microwave event in Europe.

The organization of the 23rd European Microwave Week has experienced turbulent times. The Corona virus has swept across the globe, and not even moving the conference has allowed us to escape the stringent measures on traveling and meeting in person that affects so many of us these days. At the time of writing, we have just installed a fully virtual conference week, preserving the entire scientific program.

The European Microwave Week will take place from January 10-15, and we are working very hard to exploit all the benefits that a virtual conference can bring. Do not get me wrong: We value that real-life, person-to-person interaction so much that we went to great lengths to keep it in place, but now that the week will be entirely virtual. We have embraced all the good things that a virtual conference can bring. We will prepare the workshop and short course material as videos well ahead of the conference week, so that you can be optimally prepared for the live workshop sessions. We will keep all the scientific content online for several weeks after the conference. There is an integrated mobile app and streaming video platform. The tradeshow and conferences are seamlessly integrated and so are the live and on-demand sessions. The week will be different, no doubt, but a very good experience, nonetheless.

To me, the week can be summarized in four words: Learn, meet, enjoy and explore!


This week represents the state-of-the-art in RF, microwaves and radar. Academia and industry will present over 400 scientific talks. Although this is more than any individual can absorb, it guarantees that—if you work in this field—you can pack your week with relevant insights and new developments. Keeping all this material available for a longer period resolves the conflicts of coinciding talks that inevitably occur at such a busy event.

EuMIC, EuMC and EuRAD: The European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference, the European Microwave Conference and the European Radar Conference together form the scientific heart of the Microwave Week. Keynote speakers from around the globe will inspire our audience; semiconductors that literally work up to a THz, dedicated sessions on Teaching Microwave Engineering, a Focus Day on (Active) Array Antennas, there is just too much to name it all here. EuMC, the oldest of the conferences involved, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, which is the reason for the golden crown over this year’s logo.

Short courses will get you up to speed for new topics and workshops will bring you all the new developments for those already working in the field. Exchange ideas with colleagues from academia and industry. Stay skilled in a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate. Check out the extensive program at eumweek.com so you do not miss anything.


This week is where our entire community meets. Meet, to interface with all the relevant industries at the largest microwave and radar tradeshow, this tradeshow alone is more than worth the visit! Stop by the EuMA booth and become a member. That is the first step to get involved in volunteering: do so for a few years and suddenly realize that you actually know all the famous names in microwaves and radar. Meet, to learn before things even get published. Meet old friends to catch up, meet to make new friends that last a lifetime. And female talent can meet their peers and get together during the Women-in-Microwaves event. The virtual exhibition will have text chat and video conferencing capabilities so you can interact with anyone. At each booth you can download information, view videos or listen to a technical presentation at some of the major sponsors.


Utrecht is a historic place that welcomes visitors warmly. Visit the city at a later stage to enjoy its canals, churches, modern and ancient art, its famous music scene, century-old restaurants, bars and nightlife. An online experience cannot replace the real one but take some time to visit the Catharijneconvent (www.catharijneconvent.nl), the Centraal Museum (www.centraalmuseum.nl) and the Rietveld Schröderhuis (www.rietveldschroderhuis.nl), to name few. Over 3,000 years of history leaves its traces through an immense wealth of cultural events and historic richesse. Take some time to enjoy these, online.


Browse through the program to learn about the student activities including the famous Tom Brazil Doctoral School of Microwaves, the different fora (the Defence, Security and Space Forum on Space Situational Awareness; the Automotive Forum, this year particularly on waveforms and AI in automotive radar; and the new 5G Forum that bridges the gap between business and technology), a workshop on Quantum Computing for Electronic Engineers, there is something on 5G virtually in every time-slot, there is just too much to list it all.

This week is so packed with science and fun, we are sure that when it is over, you will be anxiously waiting for the next edition. And the good news is that this will arrive in less than nine months, in London. See you online in January!