TE Connectivity is shaping its card edge power connector portfolio into a comprehensive one with the introduction of single-beam, high-density (HD) heightened, HD plus (HD+) 5- and 8- beam card edge power connectors. The whole portfolio can offer solutions for high-current connection while supporting slow signal connection. Products within this portfolio are mainly differentiated by current rating, ranging from 5.2A/pitch (5.2 A/2.54 mm pitch) to 46A/pitch (~15 A/2.54 mm) and power density, supporting up to 3,400 W.

This portfolio is now extended with a variety of product options in interface, current rating, power density and multiple connector types, offering customers:
Comprehensive product portfolio
•    Abundant product options with standard, medium, high and premium current rating
•    Addressing general and high-end markets demands 
System design flexibility
•    Available with common redundant power supply (CRPS) interface compatible products
•    Expansive PCB orientation configurations
•    Custom solutions available to address customer needs
Optimized performance
•    Higher current, higher density and better heat performance through TE’s innovative contact design
•    Enhanced safety: UL and TUV certified

“TE’s card edge power connector portfolio is enriched with full consideration of markets and customers’ demands. It can offer safer, customizable, CRPS interface compliant, high-current and high-density power connection to address varied power supply units and riser cards requested from different end applications in general and high-end markets,” said Tommy Yu, product manager at TE Connectivity’s data and devices business unit. “Our newly introduced products are either UL or TUV certified and some get both certifications to ensure they can help support our customers with optimized and reliable performance.”