HUBER+SUHNER has reinforced its commitment to developing products dedicated to the mission-critical applications of the professional and secure communication market as it joins the 450 MHz Alliance.

Offering significant advantages over existing solutions, dedicated LTE is the future of mission-critical broadband communication and, with its wide area coverage, 450 MHz technology is set to play a central part. As part of the Alliance, HUBER+SUHNER is dedicated to endorsing this crucial ecosystem and ensuring resilient and secure high-performance communication networks worldwide.

“HUBER+SUHNER realised long ago the impact that poor connectivity can have on mission-critical communications. Since then, we have used our expert knowledge across the three markets of Communications, Industry and Transport to develop connectivity solutions specifically for critical communication in the defence, energy, industrial, transport, and wireless sectors,” said Oliver Schmidt, managing director DACH at HUBER+SUHNER. “We look forward to being part of the 450 MHz Alliance and contributing to the success of this crucial technology of the future.”

Drawing on its expertise following the completion of its acquisition of Kathrein Special Communications in 2019, HUBER+SUHNER has become integral to the mission-critical industry. Providing a host of solutions and products—including antennas, wavelength division multiplexing products and systems, optical switches and RF components such as GPS and Power-over-Fiber solutions—it has introduced 450 MHz technology into areas that were not previously possible. Such newly developed solutions in this field have made mission-critical broadband networks even more attractive to those operating in the industry, government, blue light and rail sectors. 

“In order to continue moving forward with 450 MHz technology, collaboration and knowledge is vital,” said Igor Virker, Managing Director at the 450 MHz Alliance. “We strongly believe in the potential of the 450 MHz spectrum and we are delighted to have HUBER+SUHNER join the Alliance, alongside our other members, to support us in our mission of global deployment to the highest standards in this market.”

As 5G deployment becomes more prevalent, the 450 MHz spectrum will increasingly lend itself to advancing mission-critical communication networks— making commitment and collaboration into developing this technology now, essential for these vital networks of the future.