Anokiwave, Inc. and hiSky have announced a collaboration to enable the next generation of low cost, voice, data and Internet of Things (IoT) Satellite Communication (SATCOM) terminals. As part of this collaboration, Anokiwave will provide its advanced low-cost silicon core ICs in Ku- and K/Ka-Band and hiSky will provide small form factor terminal based phased array antennas for commercial and industrial applications.  

hiSky brings its innovative business  models, technical expertise for implementation of satellite communication systems and its recently announced low cost and performance focused MODEM-on-chip ASIC, while Anokiwave provides its Silicon Beamformer ICs that enable small form factor flat panel active antennas for SATCOM. hiSky’s Smartellite™ solutions, utilizing Anokiwave ICs, offer an industry leading, small, portable and cost-effective flat panel satellite terminal for mass market.

Anokiwave’s SATCOM ICs have enabled hiSky to improve the RF performance, reduce array size, simplify thermal management and utilize unique digital features in the array design. Building upon this experience, Anokiwave will deliver SATCOM ICs that leverage the performance improvements of previous generations while reducing the overall IC and system cost by an order of magnitude. hiSky, on the other hand, is developing a unique MODEM-on-chip ASIC that will complete the full array solution to deliver an application focused performance at the lowest possible cost. 

hiSky’s Smartellite™ terminals operate in either Ku- and K/Ka-Bands and are compatible on multiple LEO, MEO and GEO constellations. The terminals can be easily used by individuals or by enterprises with complete Network Management System. Using a dedicated app on any mobile device, users and organizations can freely communicate anywhere, anytime. 

“Anokiwave and hiSky have been close partners for years and the relationship between the two goes beyond supplier and customer,” stated Abhishek Kapoor, Anokiwave vice president of sales. “Together, we are pushing limits of performance and cost reductions. In the recent years we have seen many examples of companies claim novel ways to deliver flat panel active satellite antennas at a reasonable price, but struggle to actually deliver and to build a sustainable business model. By leveraging Anokiwave’s SATCOM ICs and its own MODEM solution, hiSky is already delivering flat panel-based satellite communications for commercial, consumer and IoT markets.”

“hiSky brings innovative technology to the field of voice/data and IoT satellite communications, offering mobile connectivity that is affordable, portable and easy to use,” stated Shahar Kravitz hiSky co-founder and CEO. “Overcoming the barriers that have, until now, kept people from using satellite communications for more than just a brief emergency call, hiSky’s technology and Anokiwave’s ICs are enabling quick and easy connectivity, even in the most remote and extreme locations. Anokiwave’s technology of Silicon Core ICs and system-in-package solutions are the most advanced in the market, allowing hiSky to provide the smallest, lowest-cost, and highest-performance of phased array antennas integrated into the Smartellite™ terminals.”