ZTE Corporation recently announced that it has verified the commercial 5G NSA&SA dual-mode, co-construction and sharing capacity of 5G network, along with the Zhejiang branch of China Unicom in Taizhou, China. 

This 5G NSA&SA dual-mode allows 5G base stations to simultaneously support NSA and SA modes, and provides access to the networks of China Unicom and China Telecom, thereby achieving the infrastructure sharing among operators, and enabling the smooth transition to 5G SA networks in the future.

The verification has adopted four terminals, which access the NSA and SA networks of China Unicom and China Telecom, for speed test. The verification turns out that the uplink and downlink rates of SA networks have exceeded 220 Mbps and 11 Gbps respectively, while those of NSA networks have exceeded 130 Mbps and 11 Gbps respectively. Meanwhile, services, such as HD voice, HD video and 4G/5G fallback, can be used as normal.

Featuring the capability of building NSA&SA hybrid networks, ZTE can fully support the complex construction requirements of 5G NSA&SA dual-mode, realizing the flexible deployment of NSA and SA networks. Meanwhile, the 5G networks constructed by ZTE also support the complex networking requirement of co-construction and sharing.

Moving forward, ZTE will continuously work with China Unicom to explore the application of innovative technologies in commercial 5G networks and build more world-leading multi-mode networks.