RFHIC released their latest 1.5 kW, S-Band GaN solid-state pulsed amplifier (RRP27371K5-30) deigned for next generation maritime, surveillance and weather radar applications. The RRP27371K5-30 delivers 1.5 kW of pulsed output power operating at 2,700 to 3,700 MHz, with a duty cycle of 10 percent. This highly efficient amplifier is fabricated using our cutting edge GaN HEMTs, providing excellent thermal stability and a small form factor. The RRP27371K5-30 harmonics -30 dBc minimum and spurious better than -60 dBc. The 1.5 kW, S-Band GaN SSPA is 50 Ohm fully matched, and provides a wide bandwidth of 1,000 MHz, resulting in precise spectral performance and excellent pulse fidelity.