CPI’s VSX3696 is a 1.8 kW X-band solid state power amplifier optimized for pulse radars. X-band Solid State Power transmitters are efficient, high power, and compact with proven GaN transistor technology.

CPI’s VSX3696 Solid State Power amplifier is rugged, reliable, and easy to maintain. The VSX3696 Solid State Power Transmitter is designed for use in radar applications and covers the 9.0 to 10.0 GHz frequency band.

Optimized for Pulsed Radars

This amplifier utilizes GaN transistors to provide high gain, high efficiency and excellent pulse fidelity. The result is excellent AM/PM, phase-noise and spectral regrowth performance.

• Frequency band: 9.0 – 10.0 GHz
• High efficiency GaN transistors
• BIT and controls
• 1000 W pulsed module @ 10% duty
• Can be power combined
• Long life
• High efficiency
• Excellent pulse fidelity
• Low AM/PM
• Low phase noise
• Pulsed radars
• Airborne radars
• TWTA replacements