Pivotal Commwarehas joined the Open RAN Policy Coalition, an industry group promoting open and interoperable radio access networks (RAN). Participating with the other members of the coalition, Pivotal said it “will continue its ongoing effort to evangelize RAN innovation, interoperability and security.”

Brian Deutsch, CEO of Pivotal Commware, said, “Interoperability has been part of Pivotal’s DNA since the day this company was born. For years, we have contributed to building an enduring infrastructural base for telecommunications and, notably, we have led development of global beamforming standards and specifications.”

Using a technology called Holographic Beam Forming®, Pivotal Commware is developing beamforming equipment to extend the propagation of 5G mmWave signals, in both infrastructure and consumer deployments.

Pivotal Commware is already involved in technical standards development through its membership in 3GPP and the O-RAN Alliance.