Linx Technologies announced the 5GM and 5GW series antennas for sub-6 5G cellular applications. The four new antennas support sub-6 GHz 5G low band and mid-band applications including citizens broadband radio service and 900 MHz private networking, 4.9 GHz public safety, and other general 5G/4G/LTE cellular and cellular IoT uses from 600 MHz to 5 GHz.

The term 5G provides an umbrella for new cellular radio technologies—5G New Radio or 5G NR—and the realignment of frequency bands to support new applications and technologies. As the frequency bands of importance change, the need has arisen to provide antennas that provide targeted support for new frequencies and continued support for existing 4G/LTE and prior generation bands.

“Press about 5G has largely focused on mmWave 5G in frequencies above 24 GHz,” noted Tolga Latif, president and CEO of Linx Technologies, “but sub-6 GHz 5G—the low band and mid-band—are where 5G will excel for IoT applications, private cellular networks and public safety solutions. Our new antennas support these applications and today’s 4G/LTE technologies like Cat-M1 and NB-IoT.”

The new 5GM and 5GW antennas (ANT-5GWWS1-SMA, ANT-5GWWS2-SMA, ANT-5GMWP1-SMA, ANT5GMWS1-SMA) are available today from Linx Technologies’ distributor and manufacturer representative networks.