With the release of emcware® 5.0, AR is making EMC testing more complete, cost effective and reliable.

COO of AR, John Kim, states, “This is EMC software that will transform your capabilities.” From accelerated start-up to one-click reporting, emcware 5.0 provides ease of use.

The new version of AR’s emcware delivers:

  • Reduced set-up time and training through streamlined user workflow
  • 500+ built-in testing profiles
  • Pre-built reporting templates
  • Efficient software validation
  • Reverb immunity testing methodologies

In order to meet the varied needs of all those involved in EMC testing, AR also offers Nexio BAT-EMC test software. It offers enhanced flexibility for EMC and non-EMC testing and in-depth equipment management.

AR is bringing together two great products as part of its commitment to offering total solution.

AR’s worldwide service and support team provides expert guidance, technical know-how and total product support for both software products, as it does for all equipment the company provides.