ETL Systems has announced the addition of new frequency converter modules and extension of conversion frequencies covered by its Falcon range. The introduction of modules covering K, C, X, L and IF-Band conversions has expanded upon ETL’s existing Ka- and Ku-Band conversion offering.
Adding to the developing collection of RF distribution products available from ETL, the frequency converter takes a raw frequency down from the satellite and converts them to be handled by the modem and distributed to customers. The Falcon is also able to convert signals to Ka, Ku, and C-Band on the uplink for transmission feeds.
The super compact Falcon is housed in a 1U chassis with capacity for up to five agile or block, hot-swappable up-converter or down-converter modules, for high reliability applications.
With over 30 years’ experience in the satellite industry, ETL’s RF engineering expertise has also delivered integrated redundancy options. Redundancy configurations include dual 1:1 redundancy in a single chassis, or 2:1 redundancy, with the use of replaceable hot-swap switch modules. Providing seamless transmission and eliminates the need for a second conversion chassis. Designed with customer flexibility in mind, the Falcon can handle both up- and down-conversion in the same chassis. Reducing both rack space and power required.
ETL’s new smart frequency converter chassis and modules are produced for optimum cost and RF performance. By allowing the user to replace all the major components, including field replaceable and serviceable PSU and CPU. ETL has presented teleports and earth stations with a resilient, maximum reliability in-service converter. The user-friendly chassis removes the need to return the unit for servicing, providing the customer with management of downtime and cost-savings.
Andrew Bond, sales and marketing director at ETL Systems, commented, “Frequency converters are an important and necessary part of the RF distribution chain. With the Falcon, we took a fresh new look at what our customers needed. The result is converters with fully integrated redundancy options and a modular design allowing all active components to be user-replaced, helping to keep transmissions running and minimize downtime.”
With a seven-year frequency converter heritage, the new Falcon RF frequency converter solution has been designed in a compact 1U Genus chassis which can house up to five hot-swappable frequency converter modules and 1+1 or 2+1 redundancy configurations. The system can be easily expanded with additional modules which can be plugged into the rear panel of the chassis.
ETL Systems is also able to customize its RF products to meet unique requirements.