For the next generation of cable service to consumers, CableLabs has released the DOCSIS 4.0 standard, which incorporates full duplex capability and expansion of the spectrum to 1.8 GHz for both downstream and upstream data.

DOCSIS is short for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. With DOCSIS 4.0, data rates can reach 10 Gbps downstream (head end to user) and 6 Gbps upstream. These are 2x the downstream and 4x the upstream rates of the current standard, DOCSIS 3.1.

CableLabs, the non-profit research and development lab funded by the global cable industry, announced the release in a blog post on March 26. The specification is available to download here.

Development of DOCSIS 4.0 began in August 2016, and full duplex standards were finalized in October 2017. The specification for extended spectrum operation has now been completed, leading to the release.