Eclipse MDI’s 20 GHz GaAs PHEMT driver amplifier provides output power at 1 dB compression of greater than 20 dBm to 22 GHz and more than 17 dBm to 23 GHz, typically biased with +8 V and drawing 130 mA. The gain of the EMD1706QFN4 ranges from 14.8 dB at 2 GHz to 13 dB at 10 GHz and 15.7 dB at 18 GHz, with gain flatness specified as ±0.4 dB maximum from DC to 10 GHz and ±0.8 dB from 10 to 20 GHz. The nominal noise figure is 6.5 dB.

This distributed amplifier MMIC has input return loss better than 10 dB, as expected, and is packaged in an RoHS compliant, 4 mm QFN package; it is also available in die form. The operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C; at +85°C, the maximum junction temperature is 110°C.

Founded in 2001, Eclipse MDI develops high performance RF, microwave and mmWave semiconductor devices for commercial and industrial applications. The company has strategic alliances with foundries to access the leading process technologies and manufacturing facilities for high volume production of MMICs. In addition to MMICs, Eclipse offers a portfolio of passive components, including directional couplers, power dividers, detectors, limiters, equalizers and tunnel diodes. Eclipse MDI’s goal is to supply cost-effective, high-quality products for complex systems operating to 40 GHz, and its products are found in applications from communications to military and automotive.

Eclipse MDI
San Jose, Calif.