Mini-Circuits announced a new distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics, Inc., a leading semiconductor and electronic component distributor. The agreement makes Mouser the first authorized distributor of the Mini-Circuits product line in the U.S.

“Mouser is proud to be the first online distributor to offer Mini-Circuits’ cutting-edge products to design engineers and procurement specialists in the U.S.,” said Mouser Vice President of Supplier Management, Tom Busher. “We are excited to add this leading company to our expansive RF and microwave line card.”

“With Mouser’s logistics expertise and award-winning service, we are confident that together we will drive growth through this agreement, allowing customers greater flexibility and convenience to purchase Mini-Circuits’ products with the rest of their bill of material from the same point of sale,” said Mini-Circuits Vice President of Technical Marketing, Steven Scheinkopf.

Mouser now stocks over 1,000 Mini-Circuits RF products. The company’s LFCG series low temperature co-fired ceramic low-pass filters are available with passband frequencies spanning DC to 6100 MHz and rejection up to 50 dB. The tiny 0805 filters feature rugged, ceramic construction, making them well-suited for tough environments such as high humidity and temperature extremes. 

Mini-Circuits reflectionless filters are available in low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass designs, offering a patented internal load that eliminates out-of-band signals. Reflectionless filters eliminate stopband reflections, allowing them to be paired with sensitive devices and used in applications that otherwise require circuits such as isolation amplifiers or attenuators.

The PMA3-83LN+ is a pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor-based microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifier with a unique combination of 1.3 dB noise figure, +35 dBm IP3, and ±1.3 dB gain flatness over the entire 0.5 to 8 GHz range, making it ideal for sensitive, high-dynamic-range receiver applications. The amplifier operates from a single 5V or 6V supply, is well matched for 50 Ohms, and comes in a 3 mm × 3 mm QFN package to accommodate dense circuit board layouts.

Mini-Circuits’ ultra-wideband MMIC splitter/combiners offer multi-octave bandwidths covering applications from DC to 43.5 GHz with power handling up to 2.5 W, 1.1 dB typical insertion loss, and high isolation up to 20 dB. The two-way devices come in tiny QFN packages, saving space in dense layouts.