Today, Qorvo announced it has completed the acquisition of Custom MMIC, a privately held supplier of high performance GaAs and GaN MMICs, primarily for defense and space applications.

Custom MMIC becomes part of Qorvo’s Infrastructure and Defense Products (IDP) business and will expand its mmWave capabilities and products for defense radar, electronic warfare, satellite communications, wireless backhaul and test equipment applications. Custom MMIC founder Paul Blount will be a director of engineering within IDP.

James Klein, president of IDP, said, “Custom MMIC’s best-in-class die and packaged components augment our power amplifiers to enable multi-chip modules for a broad range of defense, aerospace and commercial applications.”

Custom MMIC, based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, was founded in 2006 and has developed a portfolio of more than 180 standard product MMICs covering frequencies to 70 GHz. Its product families include LNAs, mixers, attenuators, phase shifters and switches.

With Qorvo completing the acquisition of Custom MMIC, Microwave Journal wanted to understand how Custom MMIC will merge into Qorvo. Read this Q&A with Roger Hall, general manager of Qorvo’s High Performance Solutions (HPS) business, and Paul Blount, the founder of Custom MMIC.