To add production capacity to support recent growth, Rohde & Schwarz has selected Benchmark Electronics to be a global manufacturing partner, expanding the long-term relationship between the two companies. Rohde & Schwarz selected Benchmark after an extensive evaluation of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies.

Marc Sesterhenn, the executive VP responsible for operations at Rohde & Schwarz, said, “As an existing Benchmark engineering services customer, we were very familiar with Benchmark’s capabilities, global footprint and technical expertise. That is why we chose Benchmark, which can manufacture and deliver our complex products quickly and with the customary high quality according to our own and our customers' requirements.”

As its own plants in Teisnach and Memmingen, in Germany, and Vimperk, Czechia, have been running at full capacity, Rohde & Schwarz decided to look for an external solution to support future growth, ensuring the capacity to supply customer demand quickly and reliably.

Benchmark’s capability to manufacture high technology products and its global footprint supports Rohde & Schwarz’s belief in the benefit of keeping development and production geographically close. Benchmark’s locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia can tap a supply chain of global and local sources, with a customer-focused team committed to quality and optimized costs.

Michael Buseman, the executive VP responsible for global operations at Benchmark, said, “Benchmark’s ability to solve complex technical challenges coupled with our extensive supply chain capabilities are a perfect match for Rohde & Schwarz’s requirements. We are dedicated to helping accelerate the company’s global growth and increase its manufacturing efficiencies, while delivering high quality and consistent performance.”