Teledyne Paradise Datacom has released a 4 kW pulsed, X-Band solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) for tactical radar systems.

Using a GaN-based PA building block, the design can be scaled up or down in power to meet various system requirements, providing operators of legacy TWT, magnetron or klystron platforms a viable upgrade path to solid-state.

The high power density of GaN offers the benefits of smaller SWaP, longer lifetime and scalability, reducing the risk of a complete loss of service for systems with a single point of failure.

While this X-Band SSPA was developed for various defense environments, it can be deployed for similar user needs in weather or air traffic control radar and commercial navigation systems.

“This advancement is laser-focused on the emerging needs of many OEMs in the defense industry. The power levels and frequency band make this SSPA a natural fit for aging pulsed radar application platforms, and its flexibility and scalability are unsurpassed,” said Mike Towner, the senior director of sales and marketing for Paradise.

Teledyne Paradise Datacom is part of the Teledyne Defense Electronics group.