Norden Millimeter introduces a new generation of broader band block up and down converters used for extending the frequency range of existing ELINT, COMINT, RADAR, and Testing systems. These new converters cover the 17 to 26.5 GHz and 25.5 to 40 GHz bands with a full 1 GHz overlap with existing 18 GHz systems and at the transition between bands.

 The Up-converter has independent input IF and output RF attenuation for over 60 dB of gain control.  These attenuators are controlled by parallel attenuation bits on a rear power/control multi-pin connector.  Both converters offer best in class spur free dynamic range. The units use a single frequency external LO signal of 14.4 GHz.


  • Gain 10-15 dB
  • Max Gain drift OT +/-2.5 dB
  • NF 16.5 dB DC/21GHz UC
  • P1dB 2 dB DC/10 dB UC
  • IF 2.3-17.7 GHz
  • VSWR 2.0
  • Powered from +15v, +5v, -15v
  • Operating temp -20 to +70 DegC

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