James Klein, president of Qorvo’s Infrastructure and Defense Products (IDP) business segment, has been recognized with a “Tech Titans” award by the Technology Association of North Texas, receiving the 2019 Corporate Company CEO award. The Tech Titans awards recognize individuals in North Texas who are “transforming the high-tech industry for the greater good,” according to a press release from Qorvo.

Under Klein's leadership, IDP has expanded into diverse, high-growth markets, growing revenue at a double-digit rate for 13 consecutive quarters. IDP’s growth has been supported through two acquisitions, GreenPeak Technologies in 2016 and Active-Semi International in 2019. IDP’s markets include wireless connectivity, broadband, the IoT, defense, aerospace and programmable power management.

Prior to TriQuint and RFMD merging to become Qorvo, in January 2015, Klein led the IDP segment of TriQuint. He sponsored the strategy to apply the company’s GaN technology, developed for the defense market, to power transistors for cellular base stations. With the transition of the cellular industry from 4G to 5G, this has become a major growth opportunity.

Before joining TriQuint in 2011, Klein was with Raytheon and Texas Instruments (TI), joining Ti after graduating from Texas A&M University.

IDP has three facilities in North Texas, collectively manufacturing some 80 million semiconductor components per week. According to Qorvo, the company has more than 1,200 jobs in the Dallas area.

”We are pleased to recognize James Klein with this Tech Titans Award. James' strategic leadership of Qorvo's IDP business unit is a model for other businesses in the Texas area and beyond." — Bill Sproull, president and CEO at Tech Titans