Sivers IMA has received a design-in order for SEK1.3 million (approximately $135,000) for 60 GHz RFICs and support services for two broadband applications in China. The order was placed by Sivers’ Chinese reseller, Matrix Electronic Co. Ltd., which will provide the products and support services to an end customer in mainland China.

According to a Sivers IMA press release, this is the company’s first Chinese order for a 60 GHz unlicensed application. If successful, the design-in could lead to “significant volumes” for high speed transportation and Gbps fixed wireless access applications.

Sivers said the the project is expected to start immediately, and the company plans to support the project to ensure a successful design and achieve quick time-to-market.

“This is a very important breakthrough order for us in China, as we expect it to generate substantial revenue for us in the coming years through follow-up orders. Furthermore, it will be a very important reference project for us in China as we provide gigabit broadband solutions using our world-class unlicensed 5G chip and antennas.” — Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA