Benchmark Electronics, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lark RF Technology, are exhibiting at the 2019 International Microwave Symposium (IMS2019). During the largest gathering of RF and microwave professionals in the world, Benchmark will showcase its advanced manufacturing processes and ability to design and build the best RF solutions for complex, highly regulated markets such as aerospace and defense.

Benchmark combines all of its capabilities to offer design for excellence SWaP optimization, processes and building blocks that increases an OEM’s ability to achieve requirements in a shorter time to market.  The company is driving innovation for critical industry needs such as miniaturization, computing power, communication optimization and sensor integration.  

Benchmark’s cutting-edge solutions on display in the Benchmark/Lark exhibit at IMS2019 will include:

  • Leading Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) technology for miniaturizing product design, including avionic and mission control systems.
  • PCB designs with embedded cooling for temperature stabilization in a densely packed electronic environment.
  • RF components for mmWave applications (5G) utilizing the latest advances in circuit fabrication technology and high frequency materials.
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI) fabrication technology, including sub 25 micron feature sizes achieved by semi-additive processes. 
  • Micro-electronics and mixed technology capabilities in engineering and manufacturing.

When: Tuesday, June 4 – Thursday, June 6, 2019

Where: Benchmark/Lark Booth 1230

Interview Opportunities:

  • Daniel Everitt, vice president Lark RF Technology and RF High Speed Design Center of Innovation, Benchmark
  • Mark Felipe, director of engineering, Lark RF Technology and RF High Speed Design Center of Innovation, Benchmark