Yamaichi Electronics USA is now selling a USCAR17 compliant connector line to automotive OEMs. This long-awaited product line has been sought after by major players in the automotive industry for many years now to meet the connectivity, performance and reliability needed for the next generation of vehicles. Yamaichi Electronics is proud of this significant accomplishment. It reflects its culture of excellence and ingenuity in product design and manufacture that is also known throughout the connector industry.

The automotive industry is changing rapidly. Major technological advancements in the past decade are leading the way to re-inventing the four-wheeled life necessity (taking you from point A to B) into a completely new form of transportation. We are now driving tech gadgets on wheels, loaded with autonomous devices, fast data connectivity features and electrification solutions.

As new technologies are introduced to the car, driver safety and technology reliability remains key. Therefore, OEMs are demanding higher quality connectors and interconnect solutions from their suppliers. Their aim is to secure proper interoperability between critical devices that support all instrumentations in contact with the vehicle’s operator.

The FAKRA Connector is a component that serves that role.

About the USCAR17-FAKRA connector

With its capacity to carry a vast variety of signals such as GPS, AM/FM Radio and on-board Wi-Fi functions, FAKRA connectors have expanded in applications further in recent years to meet the demand of ADAS, Telematics devices, Fleet Management systems and other complementary vehicular features.

To automotive OEMs in need of ruggedized FAKRA connectors, Yamaichi Electronics presents its FAKRA product line with single and stacked type configurations. Its right-angle mount FAKRA HF106P series and vertical mount FAKRA HFU106P series both are USCAR-18 design guideline compliant. Furthermore, these series have endured rigorous mechanical stress tests defined by USCAR-17 Performance Specification Automotive RF Connector Systems and exceeded all requirements.

Yamaichi’s stacked FAKRA HF110 series is also in compliance with USCAR-18 design guidelines and achieves a low profile for factor through reversed top/down key latch positioning. Both top and bottom ports of the HF110 Series are capable of up to 6 GHz data rate transmission.

Developed with the 13 common FAKRA color-coded key latches: A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, to Z, Yamaichi’s FAKRA connector line provides customers with superior mechanical performance and dependable SI capability. They are the ideal candidates and reliability problem solvers for next-gen in-vehicle technology devices.