Laird Thermal Systems has named Dr. Karine Brand as CEO, effective immediately. Dr. Brand has been a member of the management team since 2015, and recently led the transformation of the thermal system business unit into a standalone company. Dr. Brand previously served as the VP of Engineering and Technology at Laird.

Dr. Brand's efforts have established Laird Thermal Systems as the industry's leading thermal management solution provider for mission-critical and business-critical applications. Laird's diverse cooling product portfolio ranges from components and subsystems to full turnkey cooling solutions with multiple thermal technology options. With Dr. Brand's leadership, Laird Thermal Systems has built a technology and engineering team with strong technical expertise in thermoelectric modules (TEM), thermoelectric assemblies (TEA), liquid cooling systems (LCS) and integrated thermal management controllers. These thermal management products facilitate customer technology development by providing cutting edge solutions coupled with the ability to qualify, manufacture and service globally.

"Serving as interim CEO, Dr. Brand has been instrumental in managing the separation of Laird Thermal Systems from Laird plc and reshaping the company into a fully-operational, independent business. Dr. Brand's leadership has been paramount in this transition, and her experience and understanding of the business, technology and customers are second to none," said Roland Köppel, chairman of the Board at Laird Thermal Systems. "I am pleased to formally announce Dr. Karine Brand as the new CEO of Laird Thermal Systems, and have complete confidence that she will lead our company to a prosperous future."