Laird Thermal Systems is now a fully-operational, independent business owned by Advent International. As a global organization, Laird Thermal Systems has the product portfolio, technical expertise, global manufacturing footprint and lifecycle services to solve complex thermal challenges and deliver optimum thermal management solutions for customers. Laird Thermal Systems works with the world’s top brands in the medical, analytical, telecom, industrial and consumer markets.

Laird Thermal Systems offers the most diverse cooling product portfolio in the industry, ranging from components and subsystems to full turnkey cooling solutions with multiple thermal technology options. Its expertise in thermoelectric modules (TEM), thermoelectric assemblies (TEA), liquid cooling systems (LCS) and integrated thermal management monitoring and control designs facilitates customer technology development by providing cutting edge solutions coupled with the ability to qualify, manufacture and service globally.

"Our customers are faced with maximizing product quality, increasing up-time in the field, and ensuring on-time delivery of their products and solutions. They are designing new products that perform better with more features, all in a smaller package. This adds up to thermal management issues that are more challenging than ever before," said Karine Brand, interim CEO at Laird Thermal Systems. "Advent International has empowered Laird Thermal Systems to invest in the future of thermal management and develop high-quality, cutting-edge solutions that accelerate customer design schedules, improve performance and prolong product operating life."