Ampleon has released a 500 W LDMOS power transistor for pulsed and CW applications in the 2400 to 2500 MHz ISM band. Suitable for a wide range of RF industrial and both consumer and professional cooking applications, the BLC2425M10LS500P has an excellent high power to footprint ratio, delivering 500 W CW from a single SOT1250 air cavity plastic package.

At the rated output power of 500 W at 1 dB compression, the device achieves 67 percent drain efficiency with 15 dB gain. The thermal resistance of the package is 0.17 K/W. For the end application, high efficiency minimizes the required cooling and ensures low energy consumption and operating costs.

To simplify using the device, the BLC2425M10LS500P has input and output pre-matching circuitry integrated in the package. Characteristic of LDMOS, the power transistor has excellent ruggedness, able to operate with a 10:1 VSWR load mismatch, through all phases, without damage. This simplifies the system design and protection circuitry.