Fairview Microwave’s PIN diode waveguide switches feature fully integrated WR10 and WR12 waveguide ports that support a UG387/U flange and cover E-band (60 to 90 GHz) and W-band (75 to 110 GHz) frequencies.  These designs utilize high-performance GaAs beam-lead diodes and low-loss 

 Fin-line technology, resulting in exceptional performance of 4 dB typical insertion loss, 25 dB of isolation and fast switching speed of < 300 nsec. Fully integrated TTL driver circuitry with an SMA connector control port provides ease of use.

 For more in-depth information on this product visit our site at:   https://www.fairviewmicrowave.com/rf-products/e-and-w-band-waveguide-pin-diode-switches.html

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