Swami Hindle (aka Microwave Journal editor Pat Hindle) makes the following industry predictions for 2019:

  • Blockchain technology will be applied to 5G to achieve secure sharing for IoT devices
  • Industry 4.0 (IIoT) will become the hottest market in wireless and finally take off
  • The first remote surgery will be done over a 5G connection
  • Massive MIMO will create a large demand for cables and antennas with possible shortages
  • Samsung will be the first to market with full featured 5G cell phone in the US
  • Cloud-enabled simulation platforms will take hold powered by the AWS platform
  • Autonomous buses/taxis will be proto-typed in 2019 and ready for deployment soon after
  • Commercial phased array antennas will be low enough in price to be sold to the DIY market
  • Autonomous drones and vehicles will become dominant in proposals for new military platforms
  • The race for quantum computing achievements will heat up between China and the US
  • 6G research will start in several universities

Let us know in the comments what you think and your predictions for 2019. See the following 3 pages for predictions from ADI and MathWorks.