Snap-on SMA Connectors

Rosny-Sous-Bois, France

The prime considerations for engineers when fitting connectors in field conditions are ease and speed of installation, along with the optimization of space, which all contribute to the reliability and cost-effectiveness of a project.

Offering an adaptable and versatile solution for new generations of base stations in the QMA series is a snap-on generation of brass SMA connectors. A time-saving feature of this product is a mating system using a chamfer that takes less than two seconds to connect in field conditions, which in comparison with a standard screw-on SMA connector, was found to be 10 times quicker. Figure 1 shows a comparison of the engagement process of a standard SMA screw-on connector pair to that of the QMA series.

No matter how quick to fit, connectors must also be secure. To this end tests against vibration have successfully been carried out. Members of the Quick Lock family, the QMA connectors have an engagement life of 100 matings and employ a positive locking system which 'clicks' fast to insure a good and secure connection. To aid installation, the cabled plug is designed to freely rotate around the jack, which avoids any stress on the cable and allows more flexibility during the mounting process.

Since no torque wrench is needed for installation, not only is the space between connectors optimized, but the risk of damaging or scratching the panel is also reduced. Also minimizing the risk of panel damage is the fact that the connector's disengagement force is lower than the panel tear-off force.

Figure 2 shows details of the QMA series construction. Exhibiting high electrical performance, the connectors are designed for 50Ω applications from DC to 6 GHz. The QMA series offers a large range of connectors, which include straight and right angle plugs, bulkhead jacks, flange receptacles, PCB receptacles and adapters. Models are either full crimp, crimp or solder type for flexible, semi-rigid or conformable cables.

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