Laird announced the release of its new Bluetooth 5 module series, which simplifies the process of bringing wireless designs to market. The BL651 Series is the latest addition to Laird's Nordic Semiconductor family of Bluetooth 5 offerings. Building on the success of the BL652 and BL654 series, the BL651 is a cost-effective solution for simple Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications that provides all the capabilities of the Nordic nRF52810 silicon in a small, fully certified module.

Laird is at the forefront of developing Bluetooth solutions across a broad range of applications, delivering the latest feature enhancements of Bluetooth technology and carefully designing and testing solutions to maximize the performance from Nordic silicon. The BL651 leverages the benefits of Bluetooth 5 features, including higher data throughput and increased broadcasting capacity--all in one tiny footprint.

"The BL651 was designed with our customers in mind, enabling a straightforward and cost-effective approach to adding Bluetooth 5," said Product Director, Jonathan Kaye. "Additionally, the BL651 has been designed to allow a seamless hardware upgrade path to the more fully featured BL652 series if additional flash and RAM requirements are identified in the customer development process."

The BL651 series delivers all the capabilities of the Nordic nRF52810 silicon in a small, fully certified module with simple soldering castellation for easy prototyping and mass production manufacturing. Designers can use the Nordic SDK and SoftDevice or Zephyr RTOS to build their BLE application. In addition, the BL651 series is 100 percent PCB footprint drop in compatible with the BL652 Series of modules, allowing flexibility to upscale designs if more flash/RAM or further feature sets are required during the design process.

Laird's decades of experience in working with Bluetooth, coupled with years of working with Nordic silicon, make the company an ideal partner. OEMs and developers have the essential elements and support to accelerate wireless developments for the most challenging settings and applications, ranging from IoT sensors to medical, wellness and fitness devices to industrial sensor networks and more.

In large factories, for example, Bluetooth sensor networks can easily span an entire campus and gather sensor data that can provide deep insights needed to maintain efficiency, productivity and security. The BL651 Series helps make these types of sensor networks easy to build, scale and maintain. Choosing Laird means having all the solutions, tools and support to build full-scale networks.

Laird's Nordic family of Bluetooth 5 offerings provides the BLE 5 features you need and the options that give you the flexibility to design your way. Whether you need basic hardware functionality or diverse multi-wireless capabilities and programming options, there is a solution to meet your design needs.

Let Laird's decades of expertise in Bluetooth module design and multi generation BL65x developments utilizing Nordic silicon speed your product to market.