Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to present the AMP2131P, 500 to 1000 MHz, 10 W PULSE, 70 dB, 208 VAC system. This Class AB linear State of the Art solid state high power amplifier features instantaneous wide-band LDMOS design with versatile interface options, built-in control, monitoring and protection circuits for high reliability and ruggedness. Additional specifications include -80 dBm noise quieting and an efficiency of >10%.

 The AMP2131P is housed in a 10 U Rack Mount Chassis. Options include a digital monitor and control with ethernet, USB, RS-232 and GPIB IEEE available upon request. Typical applications include UHF jamming, UHF Communications, EMI/RFI testing, semiconductor and general testing where high peak power levels are required.

  For more in-depth information on this product visit our website at: http://www.exoduscomm.com/