CST          Stand 21

CST STUDIO SUITE is a package of high performance software for the simulation of EM fields in all frequency bands. Its growing success is based on a combination of leading edge technology, user-friendly interface and knowledgeable support staff. CST solutions are used by market leaders in a diverse range of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, healthcare and telecommunications. CST is part of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG        Stands 23, 26
Automotive Radome Tester

Integrating automotive radar sensors into cars is very challenging. Radars operate behind bumpers, design emblems or other plastic parts. All radome materials need to be sufficiently transparent and homogeneous for automotive radars. Rohde & Schwarz has developed the R&S QAR quality automotive radome tester, a tailored solution for radar integration testing. It is a mmWave imaging system operating in the E-Band automotive frequency range. Thanks to its spatially resolved reflection measurement capability, it provides a very intuitive yet powerful way to evaluate radome performance.

Maury Microwave

Maury Microwave     Stand 28
Measurement and Modeling Device Characterization Solutions

Exceptional companies have superior labs—complete your lab with Maury Microwave! Maury, a leader in measurement and modeling device characterization solutions, VNA calibration accessories and interconnections, will be showcasing active and hybrid-active harmonic load pull solutions, LXI™-certified mechanical impedance tuners, pulsed IV/RF compact transistor modeling as well as coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits and metrology adapters, in-stock color-coded precision and daily-use adapters and test-port, phase-stable and value cable assemblies. Visit the company for details, demos, deals and NPIs!

Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain Technologies Stand 35
S5180 VNA

The S5180 VNA delivers lab grade performance in a compact package. This portable network analyzer can be battery powered and used in the field, in the laboratory, and in production testing. S5180 VNA includes an RF measurement module and software application which runs on a PC, laptop or tablet, connecting to the measurement hardware via USB interface. Software can be installed on multiple computers, making it easy to share the use of the analyzer measurement module.


NI AWR    Stand 101
Design Environment V14

Visit Stand 101 to preview NI AWR Design Environment V14, featuring network synthesis for developing impedance matching circuits of multi-band amplifiers and more, enhanced automation for editing imported PCB designs, new capabilities for EM analysis and an expanded phased-array/MIMO antenna wizard. The NI AWR Design Environment platform includes Visual System Simulator™ system design software, Microwave Office/Analog Office circuit design software and AXIEM and Analyst™ EM simulators. The broader NI AWR software portfolio also includes AntSyn™ antenna synthesis software and AWR Connected™ third-party solutions.


HUBER+SUHNER   Stand 130
Multicoax Testing Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER offers a broad range of high-end RF test components and assemblies, developed and optimised for high speed digital testing. Its latest MXPM multicoax testing solution is a pioneering and future-proof solution that supports testing up to 67 GHz (with option to 85 GHz). By offering a high density (2.5 mm) pitch, the MXPM guarantees a satisfying experience with its user-friendly magnet mount connection, making performance and reliability affordable. It allows eight or 16 channel measurements.


Ingun         Stand 130
RF Test Solution for IoT & 5G

The HFS-856 series offers a reliable RF test solution for IoT and 5G applications. Unlike OTA measurements, the signal can be tapped directly from the PC board. The mechanical sturdiness makes it suitable for harsh production environments. The test probes have particularly good, repeatably-accurate RF features. The VSWR is at least 1.3 in specified frequency ranges, the insertion loss is maximum 0.6 dB. A SMA connector or, for smaller grid sizes, a SMPM (-T) connector is used to connect the probes to the test system. A flange makes assembly in test fixtures especially easy. Tolerances are balanced out of by the test probe’s floating mount. The modular design allows the test probes to be modified for other applications.

WIN Semiconductors USA

WIN Semiconductors USA         Stand 137
0.45 μm GaN Power Process for 5G Applications

WIN Semiconductors has expanded its GaN process capabilities to include a 0.45 μm-gate technology that supports current and future 5G applications. The NP45-11 GaN on SiC process provides 50 V operation with superior power density and efficiency. It allows customers to design hybrid Doherty power amplifiers used in 5G applications including massive MIMO wireless antenna systems. Similar to macro-cell applications, MIMO base stations often combine Doherty power amplifiers with linearization techniques to meet demanding linearity and efficiency specifications of today’s wireless infrastructure.


RFMW     Stand 139
RF Energy Pallet Amplifier

Ampleon’s BPC2425M9X250Z Power Module offers 250 W CW power for RF cooking applications at 2450 MHz. With 61% efficiency and 17 dB gain, this high efficiency module has integrated temperature sensing and bias temperature compensation networks. Operating from a 32 V supply, the input and output are matched to 50 ohms for ease-of-use, providing a cost effective solution with minimum design work and easy connectivity in multi-pallet applications.

Cicor Group

Cicor Group               Stand 140

DenciTec® enables the production of very high-density circuits. DenciTec® makes further miniaturization possible. Possibilities include line widths and spacings down to 25 μm (1 mil) with copper thicknesses of 20 μm (0.8 mil) ± 5 μm on all conductive layers, laser-via diameters of 30 μm (1.2 mil), annular rings of 30 μm (1.2 mil) for the inner layers and 20 μm (0.8 mil) for the outer layers. Cicor complements its spectrum of services with a solution that delivers highly miniaturized circuits of the highest reliability.

Southwest Microwave

Southwest Microwave                 Stand 227
1.85 mm PCB Compression Mount Connector

This new 1.85 mm (67 GHz) PCB compression mount connector requires no solder, is designed for microstrip or grounded coplanar designs and provides the superior performance only a Southwest Microwave connector can offer. This connector can be vertically attached anywhere on the PCB surface and has no PCB thickness limitations. As with all Southwest Microwave PCB mount connectors, board layout assistance is available upon request.

Focus Microwave Group

Focus Microwave Group            Stand 231
2 kV Pulsed IV Characterization

Design and test engineers are looking for high performance, robust, narrow pulsed IV solutions. Auriga’s new PHD2000-100 drain pulser head, available with the newly redesigned AU-5 Pulsed I-V measurement system, allows for pulsed DC characterization up to 2000 V and 100 A. This new high voltage offering is designed to meet the ever-changing requirements and is poised to handle the increasing demand from various industry verticals which include automotive, medical, industrial and telecommunications.