EM Solutions Cobra M2 Maritime SATCOM Terminal has successfully completed the WGS testing and certification process and been notified by the certification authority that the terminals are now able to operate at Ka-Band on the WGS Satellite Network. The testing phases of the certification process were completed by the Australian Certification Authority within the SATCOM Systems Program Office.

The Cobra terminals have already been operating on the Inmarsat GX network for nearly two years on numerous vessels for an Australian Government customer, and this new certification provides further service assuredness by providing access to both military and commercial Ka-Band satellites.

In announcing this achievement, EM Solutions CEO Dr. Rowan Gilmore said, “The Certification process for these terminals is both rigorous and challenging. We appreciate the support of our customers and the certification team working with our engineers to ensure this milestone has been achieved so the full capability of the Cobra terminal can be utilized.”

Dr. Gilmore noted, “This is first dual certified terminal in operation of any 1 m class maritime terminal and provides the highest level of service ruggedness and assuredness available.”

EM Solutions’ Cobra M3 X/Ka Tri-Band Maritime Terminal, which offers simultaneous X- and military Ka-Band as well as Inmarsat GX communications, is shortly to commence the final phase of its WGS Certification process and has been slated for operation on four separate vessel types.