Aaronia's AI-based drone detection system “AARTOS” was one of the security elements used at the historic meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

AARTOS is a fully automatic drone detection system that detects the RF emission of any drone and its remote control, providing a live situational awareness display, including highly featured 3D flight plots. The AARTOS system uniquely offers ultra-high range (10 to 15 km) and 360 degree dome coverage. The detection technology is based on the patented AARONIA ISOLOG 3D Tracking Array Antenna, an ultra-wideband real-time RF receiver — “SPECTRAN V5” — and complex AI-based tracking software.

The AARTOS Drone Detection System allows very detailed analysis of any RF emissions, e.g., hopping patterns of drones, and other RF signals, e.g., cell phones, which enables the system to detect even the latest 4G based drones.

The rapid proliferation of micro and mini UAVs is a growing threat to national and commercial security. As the use of drones becomes more commonplace, safety and reliability are of enormous importance. Drone detection systems are gaining in importance because of the increasing number of illegal drones entering areas such as major events and airports. For safety, the position of the drones needs to be tracked by their RF emission, and the user of the drone will be detected by the emission of the remote control.

Aaronia AG CEO, Thorsten Chmielus, said, “We’re overjoyed to be a part of this historical and unique event to provide protection against drones. We are pleased that once again the inimitable capabilities of the AARTOS Drone Detection System are gaining in importance internationally.”

Sales of this drone detection system are expected to grow rapidly over the next few years.