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Aaronia AG

Aaronia AG is a manufacturing company of high end RF + MW equipment based in Germany. Aaronia was founded in 2003 by Mr. Thorsten Chmielus and mainly produces Spectrum Analyzers, Generators, Antennas and Shielding Materials. In 2004 Aaronia shipped its first spectrum analyzer. In 2008 Aaronia announced the latest generation of the SPECTRAN Spectrum Analyzer, the V4 series, the first RF analyzer which reaches a world record analyzer-sensitivity of -170dBm DANL. Todays purpose of the enterprise is development, trade and sale of measuring equipment, technologies and rights of low and high frequency measurement technique, robotics as well as screening/shielding of RF and E-fields and fundamental research at the segment of communications and measurement engineering, furthermore the construction of own circuitries and measuring methods in particular for the development of extreme sensitive and precise high-frequency measurement devices and autonomic robotics-systems.

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Contact: Mr. Pinten
Title: Sales Manager
Phone: +49 6556 93033


Aaronia AG
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Patent for Additive IQ Stream Compression

The spectrum analyzers from Aaronia are characterized by their extremely high bandwidth and speed. Another aspect is the recording of IQ data in real time and the ability to evaluate it in detail at a later date.

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The basic version of this USB device offers a real-time bandwidth (RTBW) of 44 MHz and an extended frequency range of 9 kHz to 6 GHz, optionally 7.25GHz for WiFi6E measurements. The powerful RTSA-Suite PRO for data analysis is included in the scope of delivery. 

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HyperLOG® Pro Antenna Series

This proven antenna family with improved performance and directivity, previously consisting of 5 antennas from 2GHz to max. 40GHz, will be extended by four further versions with a frequency range from 700 MHz up to a maximum of 26.5 GHz.

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3D RF Tracking-Antenna Array

Aaronia´s new 3D RF Tracking Antenna IsoLOG 3D includes a high density, customizable LPDA sector array. A total of at least 8 and up to 36 LPDA antennas, for horizontal and for vertical polarization can be integrated. Additionally 8 or 16 specialized low frequency Antennas can be added to extend the frequency range down to 9 kHz. In total up to 52 independent Antennas can be equipped.

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EMC-Test Analyzer Bundle

EMC-BundleAaronia now offers the EMC Bundle3, a set usable for EMC pre-compliance testing from 1 Hz up to 9.4 GHz. It's a perfect choice for EMC tests according to any measurement challenge, like: EMC pre-compliance measurement (EN55011, EN55022, EN50371 etc.), pinpointing interference sources, estimation of interference field strength, verification of shielding and filtering, identifying faulty components, and detecting circuitry overly sensitive to interference.

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9 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Spectran_HF-60100_V4Aaronia´s SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4 is a lightweight, handheld spectrum analyzer covering 9 kHz to 9.4 GHz. It offers a very low DANL of -170 dBm/Hz, RBW of 200 Hz up to 50 MHz, an accuracy of +/-1 dB and includes a powerful PC Software for Windows, MAC OS and Linux and 10 years manufacturer warranty.

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Active Near Field Probe Set

Probe_SetThe Aaronia EMC probe set, which fits to any spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope brand, allows straightforward pinpointing and measurement of interference sources from DC (1 Hz) to 9 GHz in electronic component groups as well as execution and monitoring of generic EMC measurement. The set comes  incl. a 40 dB EMC pre-amplifier with wide frequency range up to 9 GHz, a power converter app for Iphone/Ipad and 10 years warranty.

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Intelligent RF Signal Generator

Aaronia-GeneratorRemote controllable via USB or stand-alone (internal battery) batch program operation. Aaronia’s new BPSG RF-Generator series offers up to +18 dBm, 65 dB dynamic range and internal TCXO (or external reference). It fits to every Aaronia antenna to get an active field-strength generator. Intelligent batch programs (sweep, ramp, modulation, frequency lists etc.) start automatically after every power on.

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Typical Conversion Formulas

Collection of frequently used formulas for RF, Microwaves, Power, Voltage, Current and more.