Aaronia AG presents the worlds first real time handheld spectrum analyzer: the Spectran V5. Thanks to several new patents, these V5 meters offer many world premieres in measurement technology :

A.) This realtime spectrum analyzer allows a continous analyzis and even a realtime data streaming(for example USB to hard disk). Like this all data of a desired high frequency band can be recorded without any blind spot(for example the complete data - traffic of a cellphone tower).This is completely new and offers endless practical possibilities.

Current meters can reach a maximum of 110 Mhz and do not offer a realtime streaming function, they can just record and analyze over a short period of time.

B.) The realtime bandwith can reach up to 200 MHz (current systems reach 110Mhz). An ultra fast DDS-sweep in theyS-area is even with 10 GHz bandwith possible.

C.) The next breakthrough is the usage of poly-phase-filters(which are even used overlapped and shifted). These filters simply where not possible until today.

D.) An ULTRA-HF version with up to 64 GHz or 90Ghz is planned as another technical feature. This is technical and physically only possible by new patented procedures (without upperlying LO).

The Spectran V5 is based on a new 600 MHz Black fin DSP,which is linked to a complex ECP 3-FPGA. Together with a variaty of patented proceedures it allows a REALTIME processing of up to 250 million I/Q samples.

There is also a gyro-and acceleration-sensor, as well as an digital compass and an optional GPS integrated.This gives the possiblity to obtain any movement,location and alignment, for example ideal for automatic measurements. An according software has already been worked on. 

The front end can be changed as desired:

Actual we havea version with a 14 bit AD (250MSPSI/Qeach). A3x16 bit version (realtime 3 axis measurement) is in preparation. The first version of the front end will cover a maximum of frequency bandwith from 1Hz to 10 GHz.Planned is a future version up to 64 GHz and 90 Ghz.

As a display it has a 4,3? touch-TFT with 800 x 480 pixels resolution. As ports you will find a 50 Ohm SMA input, a RF generator output, a sync I/O port,a high speed USB host & master, a MICROSD and a GPS connections lot.?The SPECTRAN V5 as its basic version (6 GHz,incl.LogPer.Antenna,LiPo-Akki,charger,transport case, PC/MAC/LINUX analyzing software and different accessories) will have a price of 2998,-Euros.