The spectrum analyzers from Aaronia are characterized by their extremely high bandwidth and speed. Another aspect is the recording of IQ data in real time and the ability to evaluate it in detail at a later date.

The basis for this is the most efficient compression logic possible. After all, the recording of IQ data generates very large amounts of data in a very short time, which must be transmitted extremely quickly and, if necessary, stored. In addition to other technical refinements, the now patented Aaronia solution generates reduced data rates by using a digital processing circuit to compress the IQ data stream in real time.

In addition, with real-time IQ data compression, values in the I data and Q data that are smaller than a threshold value can be replaced by a constant value. This means that frequency ranges that are particularly relevant to the user can easily be output as IQ data. Where there is no signal, but only noise, filtering is carried out using fast Fourier transformation (FFT), which considerably reduces the data load.

Accordingly, only predefined events are recorded with the Aaronia solution. Only what really interests the technician is filtered out of a large frequency range. The system searches for the frequency ranges that actually contain signals, streams the corresponding IQ data and outputs it via the data interface.

The patent with the number 20240003946 covers the A/D conversion of detected signals to generate a data stream of IQ data, the generation of compressed data from an IQ data stream and the transmission of the compressed data from the spectrum analyzer via a data interface.