Maury Microwave - 60 years and counting

Maury may be 60 years old, but they are innovating like a startup!  From their humble beginning as a custom filter and passive component engineering house, the company has become a leader in calibration, interconnect and device characterization measurement and modeling solutions.  Today, they offer the most versatile measurement and modeling software for RF power characterization; Industry leading active load pull system optimized for 5G measurements; turnkey noise parameter measurement system to 65 GHz; fast and accurate automated impedance tuners; test & measurement instrument amplifiers; phase-stable cable assemblies; the only comprehensive line of color-coded interconnects; and the broadest range of coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits and standards.

In 1957, Maury & Associates was founded by Mario Maury Sr, Mario Maury Jr, and Marc Maury as a custom engineering house.  By the end of the ‘60s, Maury had shifted from designing custom products to launching a comprehensive line of catalog products. The ‘70s experienced exponential growth fueled by US aerospace and defense industries.  In 1983 Hewlett Packard (HP) partnered with Maury to provide calibration kits for its newly-launched 8510 VNA, which would help propel Maury to leadership in calibration.  In 1987 Maury released the first commercial automated impedance tuner systems, ATS, which began their 30 year journey in measurement and modeling device characterization systems. In 2001 Agilent selected Maury as its exclusive partner in non-50 Ω test and measurement, a relationship that has only grown stronger over time.  In 2010 Maury signed strategic partnership agreements with Anteverta-mw and AMCAD Engineering to expand its measurement and modeling capabilities and disrupt the device characterization industry.  In 2013, Maury launched its Interconnect Solutions product line including color-coded cable assemblies, adapters and attenuators, which would introduce the Maury name to a much larger audience. In 2015 Maury acquired Anteverta-mw and opened a dedicated R&D and support office in Europe.  In 2018, Maury launched its line of test and measurement instrument amplifiers and the industry’s only active load pull system optimized for 5G measurements.  And 2018 is only halfway done!

Maury would like to recognize their employees, past and present, who have contributed their many talents, creativity and hard work over the past 60 years.