Continuing to redefine the traditional single function gain block, Anokiwave is releasing two new ICs in a family of multi-function microwave and mmWave silicon ICs, offering transmit/receive functionality with active gain and phase control. The new IC family, also called Intelligent Gain Blocks (IGB), offers versatile RF blocks that can be used in a wide range of applications, including satellite communications, radar, 5G communications and sensing.

The AWMF-0141 and AWMF-0143, similar to the previously released ICs in the IGB family, provide a PA, LNA, 6-bit gain and phase control but without the T/R switch, all integrated into a single IC covering either Ku- and Ka-Band. Removing the T/R switch allows more flexibility and improved output power and noise figure.

The AWMF-0141 operates from 10.5 to 16 GHz, providing +13.5&nbspdBm output power during transmit and 1.5 dB noise figure during receive. The AWMF-0143 operates from 26 to 30 GHz, with +13 dBm output power during transmit and 3 dB noise figure during receive. Both ICs have 31.5 dB of dynamic range and are packaged in a 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm WLCSP.


Pilot production deliveries of the AWMF-0141 and AWMF-0143 are available now.

Anokiwave offers evaluation kits for ease of evaluation and adoption of the technology and products. The kits include boards with the IC, a USB-SPI interface module with drivers and all required cables.

“The unique design of these ICs allows them to be used for highly integrated mmWave arrays — such as 5G, SATCOM or phased array radars — or as a replacement of single function discrete blocks. With this new product family, designers can now use the same IC for multiple functions across the RF signal chain, have increased control using a software interface and provide equivalent or better performance than traditional discrete GaAs ICs. We see these as the versatile new intelligent gain blocks of the microwave and mmWave world.” — Abhishek Kapoor, VP of sales