Get a preview of the products and services many of the leading RF/microwave companies will be featuring in the exhibition at IMS2018 in Philly, June 12-14.

Ampleon - Booth 1449
Ampleon will display their products as well as technology demonstrators and have their experts on hand to answer questions. Ampleon will display the following technologies and solutions:

  • Solutions for Mobile Broadband networks, offering the best compromise between efficiency, cost and size
  • Launch of a brand new generation of broadcast products, with full focus on efficiency
  • A complete radar products portfolio based on the latest generation LDMOS, with products covering all radar bands including C-Band
  • Latest innovations on Extremely Rugged High Power Transistor for Industrial, Medical and Scientific markets
  • The best performing LDMOS transistors and ease of use modules for RF Energy
  • Dedicated innovative RF Energy applications based on our solutions

Analog Devices – Booth 1725
ADI will showcase how its broad range of RF and Microwave products, technology processes and solutions, including RadioVerse transceivers, MEMS Switches, High-Speed Converters, and complete RF signal chains are meeting these wireless industry demands across key vertical markets.

  • Communications: Complete 24 to 44 GHz Radio using SiGe and 28nm CMOS with new 5G capabilities
  • Aerospace and Defense: Phased-Array Solution, broad portfolio and full signal chain integration
  • Automotive: 77-GHz Automotive Radar and enabling technologies for autonomous transportation systems
  • Instrumentation: 7.125-GHz 5G signal chain demo
  • Transceivers: Expansion of ADI’s RadioVerse technology and radio design ecosystem and transceiver product portfolio
  • High-Speed RF Converters: New A/D Converters with industry-leading AC parametric performance, Nyquist bandwidth and analog input bandwidth for instrumentation, RF test and commercial/military RADAR applications
  • Technology Exhibits: MEMS Switches, RF Switch Portfolio, Power Detectors, GaN Power Amplifiers, Synthesizers, new updates from Power by Linea/Power Management line and more…

AnokiwaveAnokiwave - Booth 538
Anokiwave will feature silicon ICs for 5G, SATCOM, and RADAR applications. Anokiwave continues to lead the millimeter-wave 5G market by two generations with its Silicon based quad ICs and is now ready for high volume commercial deployments. Their latest 5G-Gen2 IC family enables 3GPP compliance and fast-beam steering™ 5G NR at all major mmW 5G bands – 24/26, 28, and 37/39 GHz. Anokiwave has also recently introduced the mmW Intelligent Gain Block™ IC family. The ICs are versatile functional blocks that enable a wide range of mmW system applications. The ICs operate at either Ku- or Ka-Band and feature complete T/R functionality for active phased array designs for SATCOM, RADAR, 5G communications and mmW sensing. Each IC includes a PA, LNA, active gain and phase control and optional switchable inputs to support both full or half-duplex operations, or single channel Tx or Rx.

AnritsuAnritsu - Booth 925
Anritsu’s will show off their high performance, Spectrum/Signal Analyzer MS2850A in action. With up to 1 GHz analysis bandwidth it supports wider-band microwave and millimeter-wave communications, while high amplitude and phase flatness performance facilitates multicarrier signal analysis. The MS2850A’s wide dynamic range performance helps obtain more accurate EVM values and increases the reliability of next-generation, wide-band communication systems. A new differential noise figure capability for the 4-port 70 GHz VectorStar® VNA will also be on display at the show along with other high-frequency solutions such as the ShockLine™ MS46522B 2-port performance 60 – 90 GHz VNA for efficient performance verification of passive components such as antennas, filters and duplexers.

API Technologies – Booth 503
API Technologies will demo their OPTO-FIRE™, a U.K.-designed and manufactured high speed micro-optical transceiver. OPTO-FIRE] answers the need for a flexible, easily integrated solution that also can significantly reduce size and weight in harsh environment communications applications. Focusing on mobility applications, API will showcase its Inmet & Weinschel brand flexible, high frequency component and subsystem product platforms designed for the ultra-high bandwidth, 5G, low PIM wireless telecommunications market. Addressing the complex medical market, API will highlight both its design and manufacturing capabilities that meet the stringent regulatory requirements of medical device applications, including ISO:13485. Additionally, at the show will be API's custom and customizable high performance solutions for mission critical applications that demand uninterrupted performance and uncompromised reliability in a small form factor. On display will be API's newly expanded EMP/HEMP product portfolio, designed to protect sensitive electronics from destructive EMI and IEMI events.

Cadence - Booth 1861
Cadence will display their products and capabilities for high-frequency, EM analysis, and LVS applications to address increasing design complexity. The expanded Cadence RF solutions maximize advanced-process-node benefits and streamline advanced IC package and module design implementation, verification, and analysis to speed the development of wireless SoC, SiP, and PCB designs. Cadence demos include:

  • New vertically integrated flows between Virtuoso®, Allegro®, and Sigrity™ technologies that streamline and automate system-level RF design
  • How to preserve the golden schematic with smart EM solutions in the Virtuoso high-frequency design flow
  • Latest enhancements in Spectre® and Spectre RF simulation for advanced nodes

CSTCST – Booth 825
CST will be showcasing CST STUDIO SUITE® 2018, a package of state-of-the-art electromagnetic and multiphysics simulation tools, used by leading companies and research institutes in fields ranging from consumer electronics and healthcare to automotive and aerospace. It allows engineers to design, characterize and optimize devices with virtual prototypes, reducing the cost and time required to develop new products. The latest release offers a collection of new features for designing, managing and simulating complex devices and systems. These features strengthen workflows for applications such as antenna placement and installed performance, co-site interference mitigation, and SAR and exposure analysis.

Custom MMIC – Booth 851
Custom MMIC is a leading developer of performance driven monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs). Custom MMIC representatives will be discussing their latest developments in RF and microwave MMICs, including ultra-wideband amplifiers, GaN mixers, GaN low noise amplifiers (LNAs), switches, and low-phase noise amplifiers (LPNAs).

EliteRFElite RF – Booth 307
Elite RF will introduce their new & innovative M-Series Multi-Purpose RF Power Amplifiers and S-Series Multi-Purpose RF Test System. The M-Series, starting at $9,995.00 with a 5-year warranty, is designed for CW/Digital/Pulse signals and general-purpose amplification. The patent-pending S-Series, starting at $19,995.00 with a 2-year warranty, is a flexible alternative to expensive & bulky RF test equipment. Independent control of each RF system allows for maximum test flexibility and the system can be connected to a larger monitor for viewing multiple windows at the same time. Purchase, lease and rental options are available.

ExodusExodus - Booth 1704
Exodus Advanced Communications is a RF & Microwave equipment and engineering manufacturer serving commercial and government applications globally. Exodus uses their global network of sales/service partners to provide our customers an outstanding customer experience before & after sales.  They are designing & manufacturing products from 500 KHz to 51 GHz with various output power levels to satisfy virtually any customer requirement for CW & Pulse applications.  Their State-of-the-Art Engineering & Manufacturing facilities support custom designs as well as manufacturing for small and large volume production runs. Their Team brings decades of combined experience in the RF & Microwave fields for all applications. These include; military jamming, communications, radar, EMI/EMC, automotive and various commercial industries. Exodus Advanced Communications is committed to provide the best RF & Microwave products whether it is module or system level Amplifier products at low, medium or high power.

FocusFocus Microwaves – Booth 2025
Focus will be demonstrating their RAPID Active tuning made easy system, a modular approach to a complex problem. Traditionally the effect of non 50 Ohm impedance presented by, for example an antenna, has been emulated using passive tuners, however, these structures are based on narrow band tuning stubs and cannot accurately emulate the effect of changes in impedance particularly as the modulation bandwidth increases. The patented RAPID system allows the user to measure key parameters such as ACP, EVM, power and efficiency while accurately emulating the wide-band impedance of the antenna. This is achieved using a digitally controlled loop load-pull where any impedance profile can be emulated over a 100 MHz bandwidth.

GowandaGowanda Electronics - Booth 1735
Gowanda Electronics will feature six new high performance RF SMT inductor series. Recent advancements in the company’s design technology and manufacturing capability deliver significant improvement – nearly 2x or more – in SRF and Current Ratings, compared to traditional molded designs with equivalent inductance. The three CC4H ceramic-core series and three CF4H ferrite-core series were developed to address the market’s need for ever-increasing component performance in RF applications in commercial, medical and military markets. This includes use in communication, guidance, security, radar and test & measurement applications. The performance ranges provided by these series include Inductance from 0.0082 µH to 1000 µH, Q min from 30 to 75, SRF MHz min from 2 to 4000, DCR ohms max from 0.060 to 30 and Current Rating mA DC from 96 to 2430. Gowanda Electronics, DYCO Electronics, Butler Winding, Communication Coil, TTE Filters, Microwave Circuits and Instec Filters are affiliates of Gowanda Components Group.

GreenwayGreenway - Booth 2104
Greenway will be featuring the new T1254 TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator), available from 10 to 50 MHz, with an extremely rugged, 20.3 x 12.7 mm DIP package, CMOS output and supply voltage of +5.0VDC. Acceleration sensitivity is <7x10-10/g (std) or <7x10-11/g (LG option).
The T1254 Series has been designed for low orbit satellite applications and offers reliable performance to 30krad radiation exposure. T1254 TCXO Environmentals: Vibration: per MIL-STD-883, Meth 207, Cond A; Shock: per MIL-STD-883, Meth 2002, Cond B; Operating Temperature: -40 to +105°C; Storage Temperature: -65 to +125°C. Greenray Industries is a leading supplier of high precision, quartz-based oscillators for use in wireless, wired telephony, aerospace, military, satellite, and other communications applications. Information regarding the T1254 Series TCXOs.

IntegraIntegra – Booth 815
In addition to announcing their new brand identity, Integra will be reviewing an array of new 50-Ohm (fully matched) RF Power Transistors and integrated RF Power Modules (aka “Pallets”) for pulsed radar applications. IGNP0912L1KW is a 50-Ohm GaN/SiC, RF Power Module for L- Band avionics systems operating over the instantaneous bandwidth of 0.960 - 1.215 GHz. This integrated amplifier module supplies a minimum of 1000 W of peak pulse power, under the conditions of 2.5ms pulse width, and 20% duty cycle, while offering excellent thermal stability. IGT5259L50 is a 50-Ohm GaN/SiC transistor, offering 50W at 5-6 GHz for pulsed C-band radar applications. IGN1214L500B is a high-power GaN/SiC HEMT transistor that supplies 500W at 1.2 - 1.4 GHz, and offers 50V drain bias, 15.5dB gain, and 65% efficiency. This transistor is designed for long-pulse L-band radar applications.

KeysightKeysight – Booth 1325
Keysight will be covering solutions that will enable designers to accelerate innovation in your 5G, IoT, Automotive, Aerospace/Defense, and Quantum Computing applications. Keysight experts will be available to discuss a variety of topics, such as how to:

  • Utilize design, simulation, and modeling tools for 5G and Radar systems
  • Streamline 5G design verification at 28 and 37-39 GHz
  • Solve mmWave RFIC OTA challenges
  • Achieve high data throughput at 2-5Ghz of bandwidth for 5G and 802.11ay applications
  • Fully characterize complex FEMs and beam-forming ICs with GaN amplifiers
  • Use Active Hot Parameters
  • Measure nonlinear behavior of transistors and amplifiers with integrated load-pull

L3 Technologies – Booth
L3 Technologies will be represented by Electron Devices, Narda-MITEQ and Narda Safety Test Solutions. Electron Devices will be exhibiting their Microwave Power Modules; powerful “supercomponents” that combine a solid-state driver amplifier with a micro-TWT and power supply, all adding up to a product that is much smaller, lighter, and more efficient than your everyday TWTA or SSPA. These MPMs are all optimized for demanding defense applications such as UAV, manned airborne and Naval, as well as space and terrestrial systems. Narda-MITEQ will be exhibiting its full catalog line of passive and active RF and microwave components, as well as its custom capabilities. These components are perfect for an endless array of applications and can be altered to fit any of your specific needs. Narda Safety Test Solutions will be exhibiting its Signal Shark and IDA 2 handheld spectrum analyzers, ideal for detecting, analyzing and localizing RF signals and interference while out in the field.

LPKFLPKF Laser & Electronics - Booth 1216
LPKF will be demonstrating its PCB prototyping equipment, the ProtoLaser U4 laser system and ProtoMat S103 milling system. This equipment allows engineers to create instant circuit board prototypes in-house, instead of waiting for a design to come back from the board house to be tested, and then sent back to the board house for additional iterations. Any problems with the initial design can be identified early, allowing for additional revisions to be completed in the same day. This MACOMreduction in R&D time reduces overall time to market for the engineer.

MACOM – Booth 1125
MACOM’s 65-year legacy of innovation is driving one of the industry’s broadest portfolio of MMICs, diodes and transistors for the entire RF signal chain. As changing markets and consolidations abound across the industry, they are committed to continuing to deliver true competitive advantage to our customers with our advanced semiconductor technologies, broad product portfolio and applications expertise. Visit MACOM to learn about our GaN-on-Si solutions for 4G LTE, 5G basestations and RF energy applications, extensive MMICs and Diodes cross-reference products and much more. MACOM remains committed with our RF portfolio to meet progressive performance requirements and enable next-generation applications, including basestations, SATCOM, Test and Measurement, ISM, and Radio communications.

MercuryMercury Systems – Booth 1543
In order to take full advantage of rapid technology developments, system integrators can no longer afford to wait for the long development and integration cycles of custom form-factor RF products. Additionally, rapidly addressing emerging threats while ensuring dominance of the RF spectrum, requires the critical ability to implement agile system updates. Modular RF design simultaneously addresses both of these key requirements. Mercury Systems’ family of 3U and 6U transceivers, compliant to OpenVPX and OpenRFM, give system integrators the speed to develop their systems ahead of competitors and the confidence that any new technology develop can be seamlessly implemented.

MICableMICable – Booth 1802
MIcable is a joint venture which was established in 2006 by SSI Cable Corp, USA and Mitron Inc., China. MIcable is expert on high performance millimeter wave coaxial cable assemblies for a variety of applications up to 50 GHz, including low loss, phase stability versus flexure and temperature, high power, super-flexible, and durable assemblies. Their service covers phase matching, phase tracking, multi-contact, semi-rigid bending, layout design, and others. MIcable also designs and produces various precision stainless steel or copper connectors and adapters. We take pride in offering high quality, excellent after-sales service and fast delivery.

MiniRF  - Booth 1135
MiniRF Inc. is a wideband passives components company with a broad spectrum MiniRFof high performance 50 and 75 ohm wire wound magnetics products. These passives transform impedances, split or combine signals, couple signals and provide RF chokes over both RF and microwave frequencies. MiniRF also offer s precision high power inductors, current sense transformers and a number of custom passive components for both the Commercial and Military markets. Designed and qualified in their labs in Fremont, California; MiniRF provides high quality & reliability for all of its products; Mfg. at its overseas facilities. MiniRF will showcase its new high isolation couplers and low loss transformers. The new MRFCP0016 coupler with greater than 40 dB isolation and < 2 dB of insertion loss over 1200 MHz bandwidth will be highlighted.

NINI/AWR - Booth 1825
Preview demonstrations of the NI AWR Design Environment V14 release will feature new matching circuit synthesis technology and PCB and phased-array antenna wizards, as well as expanded EM capabilities and new and novel graphical displays. NI AWR software will also be showcased throughout the week within microwave application seminars (MicroApps) and industry workshops. The booth demos include:

  • What’s New Preview of NI AWR Design Environment V14
  • NI AWR Design Environment Platform for MMIC, RF PCB and Module Design
  • Microwave Office Design Software for RF/Microwave Components
  • Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) Software for Wireless Communications and Radar Systems
  • Analyst™ and AXIEM EM Technologies for Passive and Antenna Analysis
  • AntSyn™ Software for Antenna Design, Synthesis and Optimization

NI will showcase how they are enhancing the interoperable software workflow leading organizations use to accelerate high-frequency IC design, meet new and evolving IC test requirements, and manage aggressive time-to-market and schedule pressures. With NI’s industry leading portfolio of software, modular hardware and extensive ecosystem of partners and users, engineers can stay ahead of their smart device ambitions through the development of customizable, user-defined systems, from design through production test.

Visit to see NI’s smarter approach to microwave design and test with demos including power amplifier and filter design solutions, antenna design and EM modeling, communication and radar systems, mobile 5G PA testing, and 28 GHz 5G New Radio test.

NXPNXP - Booth 739
NXP will be showing the new A3G22H400-04S power amplifier that exemplifies our new family of 48 V GaN on SiC solutions. This asymmetric in package Doherty power amplifier provides excellent Doherty efficiency up to 56% and 15dB of gain and demonstrates exceptional flexibility from 1.8 GHz to 2.2 GHz. The A2V09H525-04N transistor will be on display as an example of NXP’s 48 V LDMOS solutions. It also provides exceptional flexibility, covering key cellular bands from 720 MHz to 960 MHz while delivering up to 57% Doherty efficiency and 19dB of gain in a single package solution. NXP will also be speaking at the RFIC Plenary session, the Young Professionals panel as well as other technical sessions covering mm-Wave Power Amplifiers, High-Efficiency GaN Power Amplifiers and RF LDMOS Power Transistors.

PasternackPasternack – Booth 2133
Pasternack will be featuring expanded portfolios of actives, passives, and interconnects with an emphasis on their newest product offerings of high power and high frequency components. Some of this year’s featured products include waveguide straights in sizes WR-10 to WR-137, waveguide phase shifters for K to W bands, E-Band and W-Band PIN diode waveguide switches, Low-PIM plenum rated cables, relay controlled programmable attenuators, 110 GHz end launch connectors, high-rel electromechanical switches, phase locked oscillators, compact waveguide Gunn diode oscillators and more. In addition to a wide range of new products, Pasternack will also be offering live demonstrations of their Cable Creator™ which allows customers to quickly design and order over 250,000 possible cable assembly configurations, all from an easy-to-use online interface.

PickeringPickering Interfaces – Booth 2015
Pickering Interfaces will be showcasing their PXI & LXI RF/Microwave Switching Solutions. These solutions feature signal bandwidths from DC to 65 GHz and are offered in many different switch topologies including multiplexers, matrices, changeover and transfer switches to exactly fit your applications. Does your application require a mix of RF/Microwave switching functions and the convenience of an Ethernet or USB interface? Their USB/LXI modular chassis accept any of our 300+ PXI RF/Microwave switches & attenuators, and range in capacity from 2 to 18 PXI slots. Their products come with a standard 3-year warranty and have a history of longevity, typically 15–20 years. They also offer a full range of supporting cables and software solutions, including our Switch Path Manager signal routing software.

PMIPlanar Monolithics Industries - Booth 1603
Since its founding in November 1989 by Dr. Ash (Ashok) Gorwara, PMI has become one of the leading suppliers of High Reliable, Low Cost Systems offering unique innovations in RF and Microwave Components and integrated Assemblies from DC to 50 GHz.   PMI offers a variety of MIC/MMIC Components, Super components, Modules, Assemblies and Subsystems for applications in Telecommunications, Terrestrial, Satellite, and Mobile-Radio Communications, Defense (ECM, ECCM, ESM, Radars, and Electronic Warfare), Navigation and Marine Electronics, FAA/DOT-Avionics, Ground Based Systems, and Microwave Landing Systems. Products include amplifiers, attenuators, switches, switch matrices, DLVAs, ERDLVAs, SDLVAs, frequency discriminators, gain/loss equalizers, IQ Vector modulators, receiver front ends and transceivers, power dividers/combiners, pulse modulators, phase shifters and Bi-phase modulators, detectors, limiters, equalizers, couplers, vector modulators, SMT and QFN products, threshold detectors, USB style products, filters & filter banks.

ReactelReactel - Booth 1703
Reactel will feature its full line of Filters, Multiplexers & Multifunction Assemblies covering up to 50 GHz. Supporting Military, Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Research needs, they can design a unit that is right for you.  From small, lightweight units suitable for flight or portable systems to high power units capable of handling up to 25 kW, connectorized or surface mount, large or small quantities - our talented engineers can design a unit specifically for your application.  Visit them to discuss your requirements and play our game of “Reaction and Timing” to win a prize.

pSemipSemi - Booth 1349
pSemi (formerly Peregrine Semiconductor) will introduce a family of value, high-performance digital step attenuators (DSAs). These four DSAs supplement pSemi’s top-performance and high-frequency DSA products but at an entry-level price point. The value 50 and 75 ohm DSAs feature pSemi’s industry-leading attenuation accuracy and are offered in a 2-bit, 5-bit, 6-bit and 7-bit configuration. Stop by the booth to discuss the newest pSemi and Murata products and to grab a pSemi-branded, 3-in-1 charging cable.

RFMWRFMW – Booth 1135
Launched in July of 2003, RFMW celebrates their 15 year anniversary. Since inception, RFMW has seen a continual acceptance of their “niche” philosophy in that “RFMW, Ltd. is a specialty electronics distribution company focused on RF and Microwave technology”. Serving customers that require RF and microwave components, semiconductors, passive devices, RF interconnect and T&M accessories as well as RF component engineering support, RFMW continues to expand its list of products from both well-known and specialty suppliers with RF/microwave expertise. RFMW’s worldwide regional branches deploy highly experienced, technically skilled teams to assist customers with component selection and fulfillment.

RLCRLC Electronics – Booth 1748
RLC Electronics continues to invest in its surface mount technology to add to its extensive capabilities across multiple product lines.  Their surface mount electro-mechanical switch product enhancements include both SPDT and DPDT offerings, operating up to as high as 26.5 GHz.  Units are offered in both Failsafe and Latching Operating Modes, and recent upgrades to the product line include the option of adding a TTL control or Indicator circuitry into our miniature package (0.625” x 0.625” x 0.40”).   RLC’s continues to expand its surface mount filter line as well, offering lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch filters in both pin style packages as well as PCB versions.  Filter technology supports both low frequency (UHF) and L/S/C bands with lumped topology, as well as up to K-band with surface mount cavity technology. 

SAGEThis past year, SAGE Millimeter - Booth 1103 took a moment to contemplate their goals as members of the millimeterwave movement. It helped them update their vision statement at a time when our technology is more relevant than ever. They decided that this is what they want to do:

“To enable RF engineers in their journeys to create the technology of the future.
To do this with compassion for the customer and for our colleagues, always.”

One of the objectives of attending IMS2018 is to share this purpose with the industry. Every year, the team at SAGE works on new and relevant products to bring to market. This year, they will be featuring four new products that were just launched in the past year: High Performance Direct Reading and Programmable Attenuators, Waveguide Quick Connects, Flexguides, and Coaxial Calibration Kits.

SamtecSamtec – Booth 1651
Samtec’s Bulls Eye® high-performance test point systems are now available in 20 and 50 GHz designs, with systems up to 65 GHz in development. A compression interface, small footprint, and high cycle count make Bulls Eye ideal for high-performance test applications. The high-density array design significantly saves PCB space compared to traditional test points.  The new BE40A series is a 50 GHz, double row system with signal and ground pogo pins. It’s available in microstrip or stripline PCB transmission and is backward compatible with legacy, double row BDRA series 20 GHz solutions (stripline only). Also, the RF23C high-performance, microwave cable with copper foil shielding and with performance to 50 GHz, is available in two end options: 2.92 mm and 2.40 mm. This is a 50 Ω, 23 AWG solid dielectric low-loss microwave cable.

SemiGenSemiGen – Booth 2009
SemiGen is an ISO and ITAR registered RF/Microwave assembly, automated PCB manufacturing, and RF Supply Center. Stop by SemiGen’s booth to discuss their expanding facility, full line of diodes, as well as the many contract manufacturing services they offer.

Signal HoundSignal Hound - Booth 1714
Signal Hound builds affordable, high performance RF spectrum analyzers and tracking generators. Their latest device, the SM200A, is a broadband, real-time spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver well suited for applications in cellular, military, aerospace, TSCM, automotive, and radar. Optimized for performance, flexibility, space, and cost, the SM200A lowers the cost of entry to high-end spectrum analysis while delivering precisely what’s required for the most demanding production-line and spectrum monitoring RF analysis applications. The SM200A tunes from 100 kHz to 20 GHz, has an instantaneous bandwidth of 160 MHz, a high dynamic range of 110 dB, a sustained sweep speed of 1 THz/s, and ultra-low phase noise -- introducing no more than 0.1% error to EVM measurements. Competing with RF analyzers up to 7x their cost, Signal Hound devices offer reliable performance and unparalleled value.

SkyworksSkyworks Solutions – Booth 509
Skyworks is an innovator of high performance innovative analog semiconductors whose solutions are connecting people, places and things spanning a number of new and previously unimagined applications within the automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, connected home, industrial, medical, military, smartphone, tablet and wearable markets.  Skyworks will be showcasing its industry leading IoT, small cell infrastructure and aerospace and defense solutions as well as hosting an active demonstration of their family of high efficiency power amplifiers (SKY6629x) for small cell infrastructure applications. 

SonnetSonnet – Booth 541
Founded in 1983, Sonnet Software Inc. is the longest running name in electromagnetic simulation. They sell and support one of the world’s most accurate 3D planar EM software packages, which is singular in benefitting from an un-approximated numerical Green’s function. Sonnet’s tool simulates precise layout-based electrical models of passive circuits and transmission lines from kHz through THz frequencies, and is a great tool for both PCB and Integrated Circuits. New and upcoming in 2018 will be Sonnet V17 which features an entirely new and improved interface, merging new technology, features, and usage patterns, with the familiar layout and workflow that you already know.

WTG – Booth 932
WTG Boonton recently introduced the 4500C, its next generation Peak Power Analyzer which will be featured in the booth. Designed to capture, display, analyze and characterize microwave and RF power in both the time and statistical domains, it is a well suited tool for design, verification, and troubleshooting of pulsed and noise-like signals used in commercial and military applications. These applications include radar, electronic warfare, education and research, consumer electronics and wireless communications including emerging standards such as LTE-A and 5G. The Boonton 4500C Peak Power Analyzer addresses the challenges facing today’s design engineers who need to better characterize waveforms, design higher quality products, reduce the cost of test, and future proof their investments. It includes a best-in-class measurement range from +20 to -60 dBm, RF channel risetime of < 5 ns, time resolution of 100 ps, minimum pulse width of 5 ns, maximum pulse repetition frequency of 50 MHz, and maximum viewing range of 10 hours, as well as ultrafast trace acquisition and refresh rates, unique trigger functionality with automatic peak-to-peak, delay-by-time and delay-by-events triggering, and powerful statistical analysis.