In recognising the needs of SATCOM ground station and teleport operators and systems integrators, AtlanTecRF has launched its new SDT range of Divider Trays.

The functionality is relatively simple but the convenience factor delivered to the user brings very considerable benefits in terms of installation time and readiness for connection.

In many satellite communications ground stations, there is a need to divide an uplink, downlink or L-Band signal for distribution to multiple feeds and, in the past, this has often been achieved by attaching co-axial power dividers to the rack system cabling.

Electrically, this traditional method works well but, for a systems integrator, it is not the neatest of solutions and often requires some on-site mechanical installation which is time consuming and does not make the best use of skills in time-limited installs.

AtlanTecRF’s solution is to provide a 1U x 19 in. rack chassis, in keeping with the majority of all the major elements of the ground station, which can be very easily slid into place and cabled up.

Standard 8-, 16- and 32-way dividers are available in all bands from L-, through S-, C-, X-, Ku-, DBS and Ka- to Q-Band.

Geoff Burling, AtlanTecRF CEO said at the product’s London, U.K. launch, “Although simple in concept, this series of Divider Trays brings to the SATCOM community an incredibly versatile and cost-effectiveroute to feed connectivity, and continues the AtlanTecRF drive to put the user in first place.”