DEV Systemtechnik is introducing a new L-Band Distribution Matrix in its product portfolio. The 162 matrix can be ordered with up to 16 input and 20 output channels and fits in a compact 2RU chassis.

The 162 (DEV 1985) provides a high degree of flexibility: the number of input and output channels can be changed; connectors and impedances can be configured even after purchase. In addition to electrical and optical inputs, the DEV 1985 supports variable gain and slope and comes with a local user interface. Other features known from DEV matrices such as an integrated spectrum analyzer and LNB powering on all channels can also be optionally included in the 16 x 16 matrix.

The new 162 is designed for operation via DEV's Web Interface for multiple users. The Secure Lock Operation mode allows users to lock a switched path so that other users cannot redirect those paths. Intelligent redundancy options with RF Sensing allow the matrix to automatically restore service via a backup path in the rare event of a primary path failure.