Skyworks Solutions launched its first family of products enabling 5G connectivity, branded Sky5™. The platform includes highly integrated, high performance transmit/receive front-ends and diversity receive (DRx) modules, designed for new sub-6 GHz spectrum and to be 3GPP compliant and baseband agnostic. All Sky5 products will support the new 5G waveforms and spectrum, enhanced carrier aggregation and dual connectivity (4G/5G), while delivering high levels of integration and performance, such as power amplifier efficiency.

To meet early demand for sub-6 GHz 5G new radio (NR) use cases, Skyworks is leveraging its previously-developed SkyBlue™ technology to meet requirements for low, mid, high and ultra-high cellular bands.

Sky5 Products

  • SKY78250 — a 5G NR power amplifier module with integrated filtering and dual-path low noise amplifiers (LNA), supporting bands N77, N78, N79 and B42, B43 and B48. This device also utilizes SkyBlue™ technology and integrates a dual antenna output.
  • SKY97005 — a 5G NR diversity receive module with integrated filtering and dual-path LNAs, supporting bands N77, N78, N79 and B42, B43 and B48. This device also incorporates a dual antenna interface.
  • SKY85762 — an eLAA front-end module with a dual-mode power amplifier and simultaneous LAA/Wi-Fi receive functionality, which is planned for release in late 2018.
  • SKY85761 — a cellular vehicular-to-everything (C-V2X) front-end module with class 2 power and integrated gain control, which is planned for release in late 2018.

All Sky5 solutions offer a MIPI® interface and are highly flexible with customizable architectures.

The GSMA reports that 60 percent of the world’s population is already covered by 4G networks and more than 2.5 billion individuals are connected to 3G or 4G networks and services. LTE-Advanced networks will form the foundation for rapid rollout of 5G, providing both networks and platforms to further digitize economies and societies.

According to Ericsson’s June 2017 Mobility Report, 15 percent of the world's population will be covered by 5G in 2022. North America is projected to be first in adoption rates for 5G, with a quarter of all mobile subscriptions in the region to be on 5G by 2022.

Joel King, vice president and general manager of Skyworks' mobile solutions, said, “We recognize that 5G requires significantly more powerful and complex connectivity solutions and are excited to employ our systems expertise, operational scale and solid customer partnerships to resolve these challenges and enable our customers to launch new and previously unimagined products and applications.”